Veterinary Fitouts

If you are looking to give your existing veterinary clinic a bit of a facelift or would like to start from scratch with the construction of a brand new building but are stuck for veterinary clinic design ideas you have come to the right place.

At Clinics by Design we are the veterinary fitout specialists. We take pride in working closely with our clients to bring them modern yet functional veterinary practices thus creating a comfortable and enjoyable clinic environment for you, your staff and your clientele.

Clinic construction, interior design and furniture selection are just a handful of the design solutions we can provide to any veterinary clinic regardless of size.

From small veterinary clinics to specialist animal hospitals our qualified healthcare design and construct team are ready to answer any questions you may have.

What We Understand – A visit to the vets can be an anxious experience for both owner and pet, therefore it is imperative you create a warm and comfortable environment in order to put everyone that walks through your veterinary clinic’s doors at ease.

At Clinics By Design we understand what is important when it comes to creating veterinary practices. Our medical design team have a wealth of knowledge to share with you regarding intelligent design, clinical layout and what is required in a veterinary environment.

We also know that every clinic is different. Whether you are a small boutique veterinary clinic in the CBD, a large animal hospital in the suburbs or specialising in rural animals out in the country, different clinical layouts need to be considered for each and every space.

Our creative team work closely with you to simplify our construction process in order to create a veterinary interior that is right for you or uncover any hidden options your existing clinic may have to ensure you end up with the perfect practice.

What We Can Do For You – At Clinics by Design we concentrate on the little details that can make a big impact on any veterinary practice.

Whether it is the requirement of additional space to cater for larger animals, a seperate waiting area in order to keep cats and dogs apart, acoustic options (that will keep the neighbours happy!) or advice on which flooring stands the test of time when it comes to the scratches and spills common in this kind of medical environment ,we have the solutions.

We are here to listen to what has and has not worked for you in the past and put forward some ideas that you may not have thought of yourself in order to create a modern but functional and efficient veterinary clinic.

We understand that when it comes to animal hospitals and 24 hour emergency veterinary care there is no good time to close in order to refurbish and that is why we pride ourselves on working around your clinic’s needs.

Our medical construction team are experienced in working during veterinary clinic operating hours and know which steps need to be taken in order to make sure you can continue running your clinic with little to no disruption.

We work with minimal noise where possible. We know how important it is to keep animals comfortable, calm and feeling safe during what can be a very stressful time, so can also accommodate out of hours work if working during your veterinary clinics opening hours is not feasible.

At Clinics by Design we love our pets and we know you love yours. We pride ourselves on giving all our clients functional yet beautiful clinics that are unique and made to suit your business.

To see some of our completed veterinary projects click here or call one of our team members on 03 9532 0350.

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