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Why Choose Us

It can be an exciting time If you are considering a new build or a clinic refurbishment, but it can also be a daunting task.  By partnering with Clinics by Design and entrusting our team with your new fit out, you are guaranteed the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.


Whether it’s a renovation, refurbishment or new build, a new clinical fit out in an investment in your future.


Over the past five years, the future of healthcare clinic design has evolved. – it is a very competitive industry to win the new patient battle and to keep up with new technologies. At Clinics by Design, we understand your patients nowadays demand a safe, calming and aesthetically pleasing practice. Our team of experts ensure this is exactly what they get – whether it’s a dental fit out, a medical fit out, a veterinary fit out or a custom design for other allied services.

It’s all about the process!

Our Consultant and Designer meet with you to discuss your business fitout needs and get a clear perspective on your vision. We will discuss your requirements and what challenges you are currently facing with your workspace; whether it’s a size issue, a functionality improvement or simply a workspace update, we will work with you to find the most suitable commercial fitout solution for your requirements and budget.

With Clinics by Design, you get

Return on Investment

At some point, your current practice is likely to need upgrading. This often occurs when the furnishings begin to look dated, damage or wear and tear becomes evident or a new investor is brought in.

Investing in the right partner to undertake your fit out is essential. At Clinics by Design, our reputation as a company that provides excellent service, exceptional quality and operates to high standards is something we’re extremely proud of.

We guarantee

  • No surprises – we guarantee no variation contracts
  • Qualified, unlimited commercial builders – our team are certified and have knowledge of all medical and Disability Discrimination Act requirements
  • Site staff are employees – the same trusted and dedicated employees will be with you each day
  • And if you don’t believe us, listen to our clients. Almost 100% per cent say they are happy with their fit out and would recommend our service to others.

    “I have no reservations recommending Clinics by Design. They are a one-stop shop with commercial knowledge, professional service from start to finish and work with you to achieve the best outcome. Neale and his team are industry leaders.”

    Andrew Teichtahi Arthritis & Rheumatology Centre

    Intelligent spatial design

    The benefit of using a specialised clinical fit out company like Clinics by Design is the intricate understanding we have of your requirements.


    We know that every corner and crevice needs to be utilised, and designed to precision, to ensure your practice can operate at optimal efficiency.  Using specialist spatial design technology, we can accurately develop a concept to determine where every desk, chair, door and shelf will be positioned. Additionally, knowing your fit out is being designed with absolute accuracy further ensures your return on investment.

    Benefits for staff

    Each and every clinic fit out is designed with staff comfort and practicality in mind.  A well designed and appealing clinic can play a major role in retaining and attracting quality staff, something our teams consider throughout the design phase.


    Furthermore, we know clinicians, assistants and practice staff spend many hours inside – often with patients, on their feet or in sitting in consultation rooms. This requires well designed facilities and other inclusions  to ensure patient and staff comfort, as well as functional and sophisticated spaces.

    Benefits for current and future patients

    A new practice or a revamped fit out is something patients – new and old – appreciate. Aesthetics plays a major role in enticing people to choose clinics based on visual cues. It is important that these are considered in detail during the design phase.  Investing money into a new or refurbished clinic will show current and future patients you care about their experience.

    Passion and professionalism

    It’s our passion to deliver stylish and functional clinics our clients (and your patients) will love for years to come. We genuinely enjoy partnering with clients to design and deliver a new space – whether from the ground up or a simple fit out. We ensure our team operates with absolute professionalism and transparency to provide you with the best possible experience. We take a forward thinking approach to all our designs ensuring your clinic can accommodate future growth. And we are skilled in incorporating flexible spaces to form a foundation for future success.


    Get in contact with the Clinics by Design team to uncover the possibilities.


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