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At Clinics by Design, we offer complete solutions for healthcare companies looking to renovate, refurbish or build a new practice.


With over 40 years’ experience in the commercial building and design industry, our team brings skill and expertise to every project. From medical and dental practice fitouts to veterinary clinic designs and allied healthcare renovations, we create contemporary spaces that are built for purpose.


Using innovative design solutions, quality materials, and the latest technology, our team will plan, oversee, and execute every detail of your healthcare clinic renovation or project, from the initial consultation to the design, construction, or fitout.


We’re specialists in creating new and appealing healthcare practices, combining interior design and function to create a medical center your staff and patients will love.

And we’re skilled in transforming existing spaces into new, fully-functioning clinics with minimal disruption to your practice, meaning you can retain efficiency, comfort, and productivity for staff and clients.

We guarantee a seamless and transparent process, ensuring you feel supported and consulted throughout.


So whether you’re looking to refurbish an existing site or are ready for an entirely new space, Clinics by Design is your one-stop shop for the best in medical and healthcare renovation solutions.


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