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What to Know in Medical Clinic Construction

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when heading into the world of medical clinic construction, but understanding the processes that you will need to go through in order to get off the ground is of the upmost importance. 


Before you can even start thinking about design and how you want your clinic to look and function you need to make sure the land you are looking to obtain is within the correct zoning for medical.


Once this has been confirmed and you have secured the land the next step is to be prepared for a bit of a wait while everything goes through council. 


There will be a period of time in which local residents can voice their opinion about your new medical clinic construction which can be a whole process in itself.


Be prepared for residents to give good feedback as well as bad and understand that this is something everyone has to go through. There may be certain things that have to be compromised in order to keep the neighbours (or council) happy and again this is a completely normal part of the process. 


In order to get everything through council, ticked off and approved can take a number of months to finalise so it is also important to be patient and do your best to grasp a basic understanding of everything your builder is doing in order to get the ball rolling. Although things may seem like they are standing still from your end we can assure you the work going on behind the scenes in order to get your medical clinic construction off the ground is huge. 


It is not uncommon for clients to think their clinic will be ready to open within 3 months or so of engaging a builder but this just is not the case. We like to be completely transparent when it comes to timelines in order to avoid any disappointment. We know how exciting it is to open a new practice and believe me we are just as eager to start your new medical clinic construction as you are. 


So what can we do in order to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible? 

  • Make sure the builder you appoint is experienced with medical construction as this is very different to building a commercial office or residential property. In order to keep things moving forward with council a complete understanding of a medical clinic construction is key. 
  • Hold regular meetings in order to finalise plans and discuss any alternative options should something in the design not work. There is nothing wrong with having a plan B in place and being prepared is one of the best things you can do when going through this process. 
  • Keep an open mind. This is very important. As we spoke about earlier factors such as neighbours and council guidelines can have an impact on design constraints so it is a good idea to become as familiar as possible with things that may or may not work depending on any objections.  

By working closely with your builder, and becoming somewhat familiar with the guidelines that need to be adhered to, you are giving yourself the best chance at getting your plans approved and the ball rolling on your new medical clinic construction as soon as possible.