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What to do when Council Says No

So you have found the perfect tenancy for your new medical, dental or veterinary clinic and you couldn’t be happier! You can already picture the way it is going to look and have started designing the layout in your head but then you are told by council that it’s not that easy……


So what restrictions might come into play and how do you resolve these issues?

Firstly, council will send you a list of items that need to be addressed in order to issue a building permit.


These items can include (but are certainly not limited to):

– DDA (Disabilty Discrimination Act) Compliance

– Parking availability and Zoning

– Access issues


From here you need to carefully consider these issues and how they can be resolved which is when a design and construct company such as Clinics by Design can come in very handy.


We hold strong relationships with building surveyors who can help you overcome these issues by redesigning the tenancy to comply with councils regulations or even help you look for a new (and even more perfect) premises if it is going to be too hard to get what you want under such restrictions.