Clinic By Design

Want a Greener Clinic?

Making your clinic more environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be an arduous, time consuming task.  There are some easy ways that can help improve your workplace without spending a fortune!

  • Place some recycling stations throughout your admin and kitchen areas so staff can recycle all their unwanted paper & other recyclable materials.
  • When replacing or upgrading any of your white goods, make sure that you select items that have a high energy efficiency rating.
  • If you require any new furnishings, GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified products are recommended.  For more information, go to
  • Install motion detector activated lighting in areas of your clinic that are only used sporadically e.g kitchen, amenities etc.
  • Replace your old halogen down lights with energy efficient LEDs & the old fluorescent troffers with T5 troffers, which will in the long term save you $$ on your electricity bills too!
  • Add a bit of greenery. Research shows that having a few live plants in the workplace can improve the air quality which is always an advantage especially within the healthcare sector