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Tips for your Dental Surgery Fitout

  Making the decision to take on a new dental surgery fit out can be a very exciting time but there are a few factors that you need to understand before we dot the I’s and cross the T’s.


One of the first things we need to think about is not only whether your existing building is in the best location for you (think ease of parking/ amenities and proximity of competitors) but also has the right amount of space and design flexibility to suit your business today and well into the future.

Existing building conditions are a huge factor when looking to undergo a dental surgery fit out, especially if you are residing in an older building.


As standards and building codes change over the years so do the requirements of your renovation and there may be aspects of your dental practice that need updating in order for any new works to even start.


Where possible, major services such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing should be checked out by a professional prior to works commencing. Something such as lack of body protection or existing plumbing issues can make a huge impact on your project budget and therefore you need to know what works may be required before signing any contracts, thus reducing the risk of any surprise cost variations.


Of course there are always things that cannot be seen on an initial inspection (and may not be discovered until something such as the removal of flooring has taken place) but having an experienced builder handle your dental surgery fit out you are giving yourself the best chance at catching any major issues early.


The current size of your dental clinic is another thing that needs to be taken into consideration when looking at a full dental surgery renovation or fit out.


Think about where you see yourself within the next 5-10 years and whether your current layout has the room to expand with you and your team.

If growing your business is on the cards it is a good idea to think about how you can prepare for the space that may be required in the future.


Rooms that are originally designed for storage or administration purposes can be put together in a way that conversion into a functional consulting suite, if required, is a simple process and will cause minimal disruption to the day to day running of your practice when the time comes.


By ensuring all services that will be required are already installed in the walls you are making the set up process a quick one as your builder will only need to return in order to make these services accessible as opposed to going through a full installation.


At Clinics by Design we pride ourselves on our knowledge within the medical industry. With over 30 years of experience we know what to look for and which elements of an existing building or tenancy may be problematic to a full dental surgery fit out.


By taking the time to sit down with a qualified medical building specialist not only are you potentially protecting yourself from any unforeseen costs you will also be obtaining sound advise on how to prepare your dental practice for the future in the way of space planning and smart design.