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Time to Plan Your Medical Centre

One of the most important things when it comes to your new Medical Centre is getting the plan right from the very beginning. 


Although you may have a strong vision of what you want your clinic to look like there will always be important factors that you may not have taken into consideration in order to create a safe and functional working environment. 


From forward planning in order to create a clinic that can accommodate future growth to the location of certain rooms, the little things are what will set your clinic apart from the others. 


When deciding on your final medical centre plan, setting up not only for now but for the future is key.


Although you may not need that additional consultation room or space for extra receptionists on opening day it is important to look to the future and have a think about where you see your medical centre in 5, 10 or 15 years time. 


Do you envisage inviting additional specialists to practice from your clinic? Will these specialists require their own administration and if so where will they sit and store their files etc. 


Creating your medical centre plan with the future in mind is a smart way to safeguard yourself against the risk of having to do more substantial (and costly) building works in the near future should your business grow. As well as this the additional areas that are not being utilised can also serve the purpose of staff quiet rooms or extra storage in the short term. 


The physical floor plan of your clinic is equally important. The location of certain things in order to make your staff members jobs easier will in turn make them more efficient.


Something as simple as designing a reception desk with enough space to accommodate a printer instead of locating it in another room can make all the difference to a busy day. 


It is impossible to know exactly what is needed in a job that you do not do yourself which is why it is so important you get input on layout of certain areas from your administration and nursing staff before setting anything in stone. Something that you might think will work seamlessly could in fact be a disadvantage to someone else. 


Another important area of any medical centre is the location of amenities. 

Locating public bathrooms at the front of your medical centre makes them easily accessible to waiting patients and gives reception staff a clear view of who is coming and going. 


If you were to place these down at the other end of your clinic, although this might seem like the best option as they are out of the way, you have all of a sudden lost site of patients who are now wandering around the corridors and could potentially gain access to consult and/or treatment rooms that either haven’t been locked or are occupied with other patients at the time creating a security concern. 


Staff toilets (if you have the space to include them) on the other hand are of more benefit at the back of the medical centre. This gives staff members some privacy and can be located close to the staff room where they do not need to walk past patients in order to gain access.


These are only a couple of things that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on your final medical centre plan but as you can see, even the smallest of things can make the biggest difference.