Clinic By Design

Thinking Outside the Design Box

Gone are the days when patients feel the most comfortable in a stark and sterile medical environment.


Of course you want your clinic to look clean (which this look definitely achieves and is best suited to treatment rooms) but we are seeing a strong trend with patients enjoying a clinic that has something different about it.


When it comes to GP’s and Dentists, children’s areas are extremely popular in order to give the kids a place to play quietly while other patients are waiting. Other items such as USB port access give patients the chance to recharge their devices or even do some work while they wait.


We like to give veterinary clinics a colourful, fun feel in order to put fur mums and dads at ease as soon as they walk through the door (usually they are more nervous than the patients themselves!)

Specialist’s clinics suit a look that is luxurious and modern which is where beautiful seating and upholstery can really shine.


Whatever the type of clinic we have a solution to make it unique, functional and most of all comfortable for you, your staff and your patients (whether on 2 or 4 legs!)