Clinic By Design

Therapy Through our Furry Friends

Through working closely with Veterinarians in order to give them the perfect fit out we have noticed just how important animals can be in creating a calming (even fun!) atmosphere within a clinic environment and why the ‘parents’ of these fur babies love them so much.


Most of us would have heard of animal therapy in which animals, mainly dogs or cats, are used across many areas such as aged care and hospital visits and Physical rehabilitation.


There is even the heart warming story of Beau the Cavoodle who resides at DentalCareXtra in Queensland and keeps nervous patients company while they wait.


Dogs have been used within psychoanalysis sessions as they have been seen to assist with patients opening up more and they can create companionship for those struggling with illnesses such as autism, dementia and stroke.


Comfort/ therapy dogs have such a positive impact within a clinical environment it would not be a surprise to see numbers rise and in turn make all sitting in the dental or medical waiting room that little more at ease.