Clinic By Design

The Importance of Security

The safety of your staff and patients should be your number one priority so making sure you set aside enough time to go through the best security options for your clinic during the initial design stage is imperative.


We are seeing a drastic shift in security these days in which many people are going away from the traditional lock and key solution and moving into digital technology.


While it is important to make sure bad things can’t just waltz into our buildings it is just as (or if not more) important that we put systems in place that ensure exiting in an emergency is as swift as possible.


By using software and swipe cards in place of a traditional key you are able to configure locks, manage access rights and assign schedules meaning we no longer have to worry about replacing locks when keys are lost or stolen and have complete control of the access to your building anytime, anywhere.


One question we get asked a lot when it comes to digital security is ‘but what happens when it fails?’. We understand that this is a legitimate concern and the thought of being locked up inside a building because of a malfunction can be a scary thought but rest assured that most digital security systems are set up to automatically default to unlock should anything out of the ordinary happen. This means easy egress for everyone inside the building.


Of course there are lots of options to be considered and this is where speaking with an experienced security rep is imperative.


You can’t put a price on piece of mind and by making sure you go through the options thoroughly you are ensuring the safety of the most important people to your business.