Clinic By Design

South Road Dermatology

Client Brief

South Road Dermatology put patients at the centre of what they do.


This purpose built dermatology building was the passion of Dr Lasocki who is driven to provide personalised care grounded in evidence-based, best practice medicine. Their passion is to accurately diagnose and treat skin conditions.


The design brief was for the building to exude Hamptons Style architecture and design. The ambiance was to exude calm, laid back style with a touch of glamour. Hence the elaborate wainscoting panelling to reflect the style brief. Internally, the reception desk was the hero piece which highlights high end glamour. The external building was designed with both render and brickwork finishes in a grey and white colour palette, again reflecting the Hamptons Style. Surrounded by a six foot masonary concrete fence further solidifies the Hamptons Style brief.

Location – never an after-thought

Location is an important and critical key selection when it comes to a medical practice. Clinics by Design’s expert and experienced site inspection team helped Dr Lasocki find the perfect location assessing all the construction and site associated factors, which is a service we provide at Clinics by Design to all our precious clients.


The location of the new build was chosen carefully as Dr Lasocki worked previously in the area as a Dermatologist, her clientele were familiar with her quality of medical care she offered.
Being a corner block, allowed easy access to car parking and patient access. The proposed landscape along with the decorative concrete blocks are a calming addition to the property that also adds a level of security and privacy to the dermatology clinic.

Design – Bright and Calm

As a custom design project all items called up are designed and considered carefully and with high attention to the detail by our Architectural and Interior Design teams. All the ideas and details were discussed with Dr Lasocki at the forefront. The ambiance of the practice is designed with calming and minimal colours to reinforce a professional clean and clinical practice. This ensures patients feel a sense of calm as soon as they walk in the door. Incorporating a simple colour palette with striking features such as the reception counter and carpet, ensure this practice is both timeless and contemporary. We chose unique lighting elements as a fundamental aspect to enhance the contemporary environment and subtle ambiance.