Clinic By Design

Some Tips in Colour Choice

The right colour choice is critical when it comes to a medical setting. 


As we know colour can impact on mood and therefore getting the balance right from the beginning is very important.


Something such as making a small space seem large is easy when you use light colours. 


The use of light colours gives a small room a sense of space whereas using dark colours in a small area will make the room seem a lot more enclosed and this is not the feeling you want to give patients whether they are waiting to be seen in a reception area or treatment room.  


The most important thing for your staff and patients is to feel comfortable and secure and colour can do just that when applied in the correct way.


One of the first things clients of ours want to see during the initial design process are hard surfaces such as flooring and joinery. 


These surfaces are a base for what will become a  great colour palette that truly reflects the business.

Consider using colours that capture your business’ personality.

This can be achieved easily with feature carpet tiles and joinery panels that match your corporate colours.


Shapes can also play a big part in showcasing who you are. Use your logo as a starting point and create shapes on the floor and places like walls and reception counters by utilising laminate to reflect this.


When picking colours for a certain space the first thing that needs to be addressed is what is the room going to be used for?


For example, if you are creating a space for children be sure to use bright and bold colours in order to create a fun atmosphere. Coupled with funky furniture and features such as black board walls this will ensure kids are kept occupied while parents (and other patients) are waiting.


If you need to create a soothing atmosphere it is said that shades of green and blue can have a calming effect on patients which is very important when it comes to a medical environment.


Bold colours are not something to be scared of and they are not necessarily for kids only!

When creating your new space pops of colour can really lift the mood without being too overbearing.


Consider features that are only seen at certain times, such as using patterns on privacy curtains and even brightly painted feature walls.


Vinyl wraps are also being more and more popular these days so think about images that may work well on walls or doors in order to create a fun and uplifting space.


We realise that design it isn’t everyones forte so that’s why we like to make time in order to go through exactly what is required in order to make your new clinic a modern and welcoming space that patients will want to visit time and time again.


We love creating unique spaces that reflect your business and our experienced team can take the stress out of wondering what will really make your clinic stand out from the others.


From the moment we are appointed as your design and construct company we start getting together samples in order to create colour boards that we think will suit your style.


Whether it be young and funky or classic and elegant there is a product to suit every mood and we will be sure to find it for you!