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Medical Construction & Fitout

At Clinics by Design, we’re passionate about designing exceptional medical practices for practitioners to deliver the best patient care.


We understand medical practices, their staff and patients, have unique needs. And we know that when designing a new medical centre or updating an existing medical fitout, comfort and functionality are top priority.


From accessibility to furniture and the size of consultation rooms, we consider the wants of patients and practitioners and work with you to design a bespoke practice to suit.

At Clinics by Design we specialise in:

We know you

Based in Melbourne and with 40 years of experience in medical design and medical practice construction, our team of specialists understand how diverse clinical settings can be.


Whether it’s a waiting room, a consultation room, an operating theatre or a staff lunchroom, our team’s expert knowledge can accommodate any medical centre fitout or renovation request. 


Whether you are looking to construct a new medical practice or give your existing clinic a facelift, our experienced team of healthcare design and construction specialists will work with you to create a modern and functional environment for your staff and patients.


We place great importance on aesthetics and have a dedicated, in-house architectural design team who are experts in creating either modern green-filled medical facitlities or functional, creative fitouts. This is especially important today, with many clients basing their choice of practitioner on the look and feel of a space.


And unlike other medical fitout companies, we take care of your project from start to finish, ensuring you can continue to run your business, stress free.

Our promise to you

Our medical practices and construction projects are designed and built to the highest standards, including building, council, and Disability Discrimination Act requirements, town planning, and much more.


We pride ourselves on considering the small details and keeping your vision and brand at the forefront of our work. Furthermore, we guarantee you’ll have input in the project at every stage, from layout and design to installation or construction.


And with years’ experience and trusted industry relationships, it’s our promise that your expectations will not only be met but surpassed too.

It’s all about the process!

Our detailed process for medical center fitouts is summarized in the following stages:


Our first stage is to understand everything you, the client, want and expect. From design ideas to specific requests, this is where we will get an insight into the services you’re looking to provide and the solutions we can offer. Our team of experts will ensure your vision is relayed precisely so that it can be created to expectation. We believe this stage is key to a successful project.

Planning and Location Analysis

Next, we’ll conduct a site inspection to get a better idea of the medical construction & fitout  requirements. This site inspection is imperative as it allows our specialists to ensure there is sufficient room to build or renovate your practice to legislation and building codes. We also realize that every medical center fitout cost differs substantially, and we ensure all drawings are drawn to budget.

Other things we consider include:

Design and Layout

The design and layout of a medical clinic is essential to its function and feel. In this stage, we’ll create a floorplan with an optimised layout that enables your medical practice to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Our team considers everyone who will enter your practice – from the practice manager to the receptionist and patients. We also think about the future needs of your practice and allow space for things like technology and equipment upgrades, if necessary.


Additionally, this stage is where we will think about the aesthetics of your space, and create a design and colour scheme that ensures it feels inviting, calming and safe for your patients and staff.

Construction and Handover

Once the plans and costs have been finalised and approved by your team, the medical center construction & fitout process begins.

Our team will handle all communication and coordination to ensure your project runs smoothly and as planned.
If your medical practice continues trading, we’ll minimize the disruption and noise where possible and can discuss alternative hours to make this work.


Throughout the project, we’ll keep you up to date with progress reports and communicate any concerns or setbacks we may encounter. Our project manager and site managers are available for any questions.
And we’re happy to take you for a walk-through, upon request.


When you work with Clinics by Design, you’re guaranteed a team of healthcare design professionals who are passionate about their work and the industry.

Our Partners

Over 80 percent of our business comes via referral from previous clients. By choosing Clinics by Design, you’re guaranteed expertise, attention to detail, and a medical clinic builder and fitout company that embodies innovation, efficiency, and a superior patient experience.

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