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Allied Services Construction & Fitout

The team at Clinics by Design understands that allied healthcare services vary, and so do their requirements.

From consultation spaces to rehabilitation rooms and inpatient facilities, meeting patient and practitioner needs is imperative to the success of a healthcare practice. At Clinics by Design, we ensure every allied healthcare design, construction & fitout  project is tailored to suit your exact needs.


Our team of specialists has more than 40 years’ experience in the healthcare design, renovation, and construction industries. Throughout this time, we’ve developed strong relationships within the industry and gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to current standards and council regulations.


Whether you’re building new, doing a healthcare renovation, or fitting out an existing space, our team will guide you through the entire process, from building and planning permits to material selection and project management.


Clinics by Design is your one-stop shop for all allied healthcare needs.

At Clinics by Design, we specialize in:

We know you

Whether you’re a chiropractor, a psychologist, a plastic surgeon or an allied health professional specializing in other areas, we know that every practice has different needs.


We understand that what may work for one practice may not meet the requirements of another. But our flexible healthcare design solutions mean they can be customized to suit any space, new or old, and consider all specific needs, including diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and direct patient care requirements.


We want your staff, clients and visitors to feel comfortable at every point of their visit – which is why we pay attention to the finer details when undertaking an allied healthcare renovation. This includes specific staff and patient preferences, aesthetics, interior design and accessibility. Whether they’re waiting for an appointment or performing a procedure, it’s our goal to ensure everyone in your practice feels safe, catered for and comfortable.

Our promise to you

With over four decades’ experience, we’re proud to deliver high-quality practices for allied healthcare businesses. Our team is well regarded in the industry, and our approach sets us apart from mediocre healthcare construction companies. 


From the colors on the walls to the layout and quality of furniture, we know how important each and every detail is to you, which is why we bring you into the planning and execution process. Our team promises to work with you, not for you, to create a healthcare clinic that exceeds your vision, requirements, and building standards, such as the Disability Discrimination Act, now and into the future.


Why is Clinics by Design a smart choice for healthcare construction and fitout?

It’s all about the process!

Our tried and tested four-step process ensures you feel confident and involved in the healthcare construction or fitout process. It includes:


Our partnership begins with a consultation between you and our Project Coordinator. This is the time to tell us your vision and detail any necessary inclusions for our team to consider prior to your healthcare renovation project beginning.

Planning and Location Analysis

The next step is for our team to conduct a site visit to understand the current state of your healthcare clinic or new build site. We’ll also talk to you about any unique challenges or considerations, such as additional privacy and accessibility, and discuss the financial element too.

Design and Layout

Once the details have been finalised, the healthcare interior design process begins. Our team will start working on the blueprint for your healthcare clinic construction & fitout, using their knowledge and intelligent design solutions to create a space bespoke to your needs.

Construction and Handover

The final steps in our process are construction (or project commencement) and handover. When your healthcare clinic design has been signed off, the building or fitout element will begin. Our considerate approach means your practice can continue operating if required, with steps taken to minimize any impact on patients and staff. This can include modified hours and noise restrictions.


Throughout this stage, we’ll ensure your space meets and surpasses council and building regulations and keep you informed with progress reports too. Our team is transparent and happy to facilitate calls or site visits during this time.


Our final stage is the handover of your allied healthcare clinic. Full handover manuals and documentation are provided to ensure a seamless transition, so your practice can continue or commence trading. We are so excited for business to begin in your new space.


Our Clinics by Design, our healthcare design specialists, can’t wait to work with you. Get in touch today.

Our Partners​

Over 80 percent of our business comes via referral from previous clients. By choosing Clinics by Design, you’re guaranteed expertise, attention to detail, and a healthcare clinic that embodies innovation, efficiency, and a superior patient experience.

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