Clinic By Design

Renovating with a Full House

Sometimes it is not possible to completely shut up shop while doing small renovations to your clinic which means you have the issue of staff working in amongst all the excitement.


In order to keep your staff sane during this time there are a couple of things to consider……

Quality Contractor

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the safety of your staff is to make sure you have appointed a high quality medical fit out specialist.


It is important that the fit out company you are dealing with are completely up to date with all of the current codes, OH&S standards and always have a first aider on site while works are taking place.


Registers of all trades coming on site should be a standard item along with any induction paperwork required.

Removal of Staff

If it is possible for certain staff members to work from home this is probably the best place for them while works are taking place. Not only will it free up some space for trades to come in and out (whether it is within the premises itself or in the carpark) but it will also provide staff with the option of working away from any noise or interruptions which can increase efficiency.


Preparation is key. Make sure you have any clutter removed from the areas that require work so time is not wasted by trades moving items around and you don’t have the worry of anything being damaged.


As with anything communication in the workplace is essential. Make sure your staff are completely aware of not only the type of works taking place but where and when they will be taking place to avoid any surprises, such as the staff room being closed at lunchtime or the relocation of communal items.


It can be hard to accept change when something has been the same for so long. Us humans are creatures of habit and to some even a small refurbishment can be a hard adjustment when you are used to things being the way they are.


One good way to get staff members excited about your new look is to put a mood board up showcasing the finishes, colours and imagery of furniture so they can start to visualise their new surroundings. This is something that can easily be supplied by your interior designer.