Clinic By Design

Preparing for the Cold


As winter starts to set in your clinic can become a completely different place not only for your patients but for you and your staff as well.


Sniffling and sneezing will be a sound that fills the air and muddy, soaked feet will leave lasting impressions on your floors.

So what changes can be made within your clinic to minimise the risk of passing on germs and slipping on floors?

Accessibility to amenities is of the upmost importance. Having public toilets close by and a refresh station in your waiting area can make patients feel instantly comfortable. Also consider areas in which items such as hand sanitiser and tissues can be on hand whether this is in the form or coffee tables or decorative shelving.


Appropriate flooring is another aspect to consider, especially if you have patients walking in straight off the street. Birrus matting is a fantastic option as it gets rid of any dirt while soaking up any water that has been walked in thus keeping the majority of it off the floor.


Although it may not seem like a big deal, having your front door closers in proper working order is essential! There is nothing worse than having people constantly walking through a door that doesn’t close behind them properly not only letting the cold air in but usually making that poor person sitting closest feel like they need to get up and close it each time a patient arrives!


As you can see its the little things that make a big difference and something as simple as an umbrella stand (with a couple spares available for staff who need to duck out at lunchtime) can put people at ease instantly as it is one less thing to worry about when they walk in the door.


out when they walk in the door.