Clinic By Design

Parking Matters

As a complete design and construct solution for medical and dental clinics we constantly get asked about car parking and your legal requirements.

In a nut shell, as per the current Victorian Planning Provisions; you need to provide:

  • 5 parking spaces for the first person providing health services, plus
  • 3 parking spaces for every other person providing health services

Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), some of the required number of car parking spaces must be allocated as disabled car parking spaces, which must be in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2890.6-2009 (Disabled) and the BCA.


You must always speak to your local council first to see if they have any further requirements as it can vary from council to council.  You may also require assistance from a Town Planner if an application for a car parking reduction is required.


Clinics By Design are experienced in the Town Planning process and can take care of your town planning application plans & reports.