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Although Medical, Veterinary and Dental clinics are our specialty we also have an extremely strong background in office fit out through our parent company Cooper Group Australia and throughout the years we have helped many medical professionals in creating functional head offices and training facilities across Melbourne.


We understand that medical services don’t stop in the clinic and the administration and/or training side of this industry is just as important as the onsite treatment of patients. As well as this, not everyone in an administration or research role needs to be based within a clinic to do their job and therefore if you are looking for some extra space an office fit out could be the answer for you.


Given the current Covid situation we are seeing a massive shift in medical environments and larger companies wanting to keep the amount of people working within their clinics at the onetime to a minimum in order to reduce nonessential patient staff contact.

Of course there will always be a need for administration staff within your clinic but the idea of taking some administration tasks to another location where possible has become more and more appealing.


Your office fit out can be set out in multiple ways depending on what kind of work you are doing and how you would like your staff to interact with one another.


Open plan offices can be beneficial for teams that need to work alongside one another on a regular basis but we also recognise that some tasks, especially within a medical environment, are confidential and need complete concentration when taking place.

Given most offices have a bit of both going on we generally suggest a mix of open spaces along with enclosed offices that can be used as shared spaces when required.


Of course some staff members may require a permanent office if the nature of their work requires it but other offices can be used on a booking, communal basis when needed.


The same goes for meeting areas. By creating a large boardroom and the inclusion of operable walls you can go from single meeting room to multiple training/ group activity rooms in an instant.


By putting the extra time into planning out your office fit out to match your staff member’s requirements you are setting yourself up with an efficient working environment.


A great thing to do in order to make sure you are on the right track in regards to what will work best for you and your staff members is to get them involved. Have your fit out company create mood boards that give everyone an idea of colour scheme and furniture choice. Print out a floor pan so staff can start to imagine where they will be working and if possible have some 3D renders made up to give them a real visualisation of their new work space.


With the New Year could come the opportunity to change the way you run your clinic by considering a medical office fit out.