Clinic By Design

Making Your First Impression Last

When designing a new clinic there are three main things that need to be taken into consideration:


Look Feel Function 

When someone walks into your clinic for the first time you want them to love the look of it. Unfortunately 99% of people aren’t skipping through the door when it come to a visit to the GP or dentist so it is important that you try to take away the inevitable feeling of unease by giving them a beautiful environment in which to wait for their appointment.


Once they are in the door and happy with the look of their surroundings you want them to also enjoy the feel of the place. This good feeling ignites an instant sense of relaxation which is imperative within a medical environment.


Now, not only do your patients need to feel comfortable in your clinic but so do your staff which is where function plays a big role. By creating staff areas that are user friendly and functional you make their jobs easier which in turns makes them more efficient.


These three aspects are extremely easy to accommodate in any medical environment.

With the use of certain colours, amenities and good access your clinic will be a place that not only staff love coming to each morning but patients may not cringe at the thought of either!