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Making Use of Unused Space

Although we may be known as Melbourne’s Medical Fit out Specialists what you might not know about us is that we have also got over 30 years of experience in commercial office fit outs. What this means is we have the expertise and skill to turn any unused office space you have within your medical facility into fully functional areas for you and your staff members.


Whether you need fit out services in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth we are keen to travel in order to bring your medical vision to life.

Time after time we come across medical facilities that have been converted from residential houses and therefore have multiple rooms, some of which are not used at all and become dumping grounds for unwanted items.


Just because you may not be using some of the space you have in your clinic doesn’t mean it is wasted. Depending on what you would like to do it can be relatively easy and cost effective to turn these areas into fully functioning areas for patients and staff.

Consider the following when looking at what you could do with your current space:

Rent It Out

In many Melbourne fit outs renting a room out to a pathology company is very common. Not only will this get you some additional money in rent, it also has the potential to bring some patients into your clinic that otherwise may not have visited.

Break out Space

When it comes to breaks not everyone wants to sit in a kitchen where multiple people are eating and/or creating different smells from the microwave. This is where a break out area away from the lunch room can come in handy. Not only does it create a secondary quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of lunchtime but also gives your staff and area in which they can make personal phone calls etc. without feeling like the entire office can hear them.

Create Space to Collaborate

If you are lucky enough to have two rooms next to one another that can be combined you have opened yourself up to a very valuable space. By replacing fixed walls with operable walls you have the option of having one large boardroom, which could also be used as a training room or private function room, or breaking it up into two smaller meeting rooms. By introducing the option of such a space and labelling it ‘the new boardroom’ as opposed to the room that we store things you will find staff members are much more likely to use it.

Work Related Quiet Space

At times there will be sensitive conversations your nurses need to have with patients over the phone so creating a comfortable area in which they can have an open conversation away from the hustle and bustle of the reception desk/ waiting room is invaluable. Giving them a quiet space in which they can talk without having to worry about other patients listening into the conversation, or feeling rushed off the phone with people waiting to be seen, creates the opportunity to answer any questions your patients may have in depth and give them the time they deserve.

Time to Recover

If space permits having a recovery room or private waiting area within your clinic can be a huge benefit. There may be times in which a patient needs to wait within the practice before they can leave. Whether its time in between treatments, waiting for results or even the required wait time after a vaccine it can be nice to have a quiet space in which patients can sit, away from a busy waiting room. Not only will this make them feel much more comfortable it can also have a knock on effect to waiting patients. For example if a child who is upset from a needle comes back into the waiting area crying it may upset other children.


As you can see, what you may view as a pointless, empty space can be transformed into an extremely useful area that shows your staff and patients that little bit of extra care.


Keeping staff and patients comfortable is what will keep them coming back so it is imperative you utilise your entire space to its full potential to make sure your clinic stands out from the rest for all the right reasons.