Clinic By Design

Love Your People

When you think of the most important part of your medical, dental or veterinary practice what comes to mind?


Not many business owners would say people straight away but when you think about it, they are the only key element in order to grow and improve business.


So the question is how do you keep these people around in the way of long term staff members and repeat patients?

There are three main aspects that you can incorporate into your medical fit out in order to create a comfortable and inviting environment for staff and patients.

1. Motivation

Motivation is a measurement of someones willingness to perform a task. By creating a comfortable and functional environment for your staff there is a big chance you will find they’re performance improves and with improved performance comes improved service which will also keep patients happy in the waiting room.

2. Opportunity

Opportunity is giving your staff the chance to perform a task. When staff feel as thought their particular skills are valued they will take the approach of proving they can perform this task to the best of their standards which again works in the favour of the patient.

3. Ability

Ability gives staff the capabilities of performing their jobs in the way of health and safety.


These three components can be broken down and incorporated within your fit out by making sure you pick furnishings and colours that reflect positivity and calmness, ergonomic furniture for comfort and long term health and space for change and future growth.


The design of your new medical space is not something to be ignored and all aspects need to be taken into careful consideration.


With the help of a full design and construct company such as Clinics By Design it is easy to give your employees an environment they want to walk into every morning and your patients a place they want to visit time and time again.