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Living, Breathing Walls

If you were to write a list of the things you most look forward to, a trip to the doctor or dentist generally wouldn’t rate very high.


Unfortunately when we think of any clinical environment our minds can easily wander into old waiting room, worn out carpet, copies of Vogue from 2008 territory. Coupled with the anxious feeling you get while waiting in a room with 15 other potentially sick people its not the best experience, and that is why Clinics By Design are here to help!

So how do we break this fear in patients and make clinics an enjoyable place to visit?

There are many ways to spruce up your clinic but one sure way to make an impact while considering space is to install a living wall, also known as bio-walls, eco-walls and grow walls.


These vertical gardens not only look great but they also pose immediate health benefits for you, your staff and patients by cleaning the air of toxins and generating oxygen.