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Key Veterinary Industry Trends to Watch in 2024 and into the Future

Veterinary clinic fit out

As with all other medical fields, the opportunity for us to care for our beloved animals keeps changing and advancing.

In Australia today, pet owners amount to 6.9 million households or 69% of households. Dogs amount to 48% of these, closely followed by 33% cats. It is evident the love Australians have for their pets.

Today, most pet owners confess that owning a pet has positively impacted their lives and have gone on to describe that they have adopted a parent/child relationship behaviour with their pet. This is evident on most Saturdays in all local shopping precincts, most of us have been inundated with pets at a café drinking ‘puppachinos’. Humans feel that the social interaction of their pets together with enjoying a matching drink qualifies as reciprocal love.

As pets begin to be seen more as family members than a pet, this has increased the dollar spend that owners are willing to part with for their pets welfare. Pampering pets with grooming and top end diets is just the start. When our beloved pets become ill, owners now are more likely to spend additional income on their well-being and care.

In 2024 and moving into the future we anticipate new technologies and processes to become more standard in Veterinary clinic design ideas. The increase in dollars that pet owners are willing to part with has also encouraged new veterinary practice construction and veterinary fitouts to encompass new technologies.

The visual pull of an up-to-date veterinary practice can not be underestimated. A stunning veterinary fit out will attract additional pet owners/patients over time.

Here are a few veterinary clinic design ideas for 2024.

Body Devices

The use of GPS trackers, motion trackers, temperature recording devices, PH levels, respiration rates, oxygen levels indicators, sleep cycles and much more. Not only will pets be monitored 100% of time the data and feedback will be available immediately for veterinary staff to review. Accordingly, innovative veterinary construction companies are ensuring these devices and ideas are incorporated in the veterinary clinic design ideas for new veterinary construction and fit outs.


Through the years 2020 and 2021 with COVID lock-downs the world changed. Medical practices introduced telemedicine. This is now spiling out into the veterinary arena.

The benefits of telemedicine is enormous. Many pet owners and pets feel anxious going to a veterinary practice for a consultation yet would be more than happy for a digital experience. Once the consultation is completed, any medicine can be left at the reception desk for owners to collect. The process is quite easy.

Accordingly veterinary fitouts and veterinary practice construction will often now plan for a room with relevant technology to allow for telemedicine and veterinarians to have secure private conversations with pet owners.

Other benefits of telemedicine have shown to help with post surgery care with greater and more often monitoring of the patient.

Most probably, the burden lies on the receptionist to be adequately trained to identify telemedicine cases versus in-practice consultations. Training in this area is critical to the success of telemedicine.

3D Printing

3D printing can help veterinary surgeons create bone models for animals going into surgery and then submitting them to Universities for up-and coming vet students to use ‘real life’ surgery examples.

The education of the next veterinary generation is benefiting enormously with 3D printing.

Another area that 3D printing also helps is with prosthesis application and design. This further enhances injured pets standard of living and also prolongs their lives. Many years ago these animals might have been euthanized.

Laser Therapy

The use of light waves of 600 to 1070 nanometres can be used to alter tissues and cells in pets to improve various pet ailments. Laser Therapy can be planned and designed in Veterinary fit outs to help animals suffering arthritis, skin irritations, ligament injuries and more. This new-age treatment is providing plentiful benefits to pets and patients.

The above list is just a few areas that we will see in the veterinary space in 2024 and further. It is imperative that veterinary practice construction and veterinary clinic design ideas keeps up to date with technology advancements to ensure our beloved pets are being cared for as well as possible.