Clinic By Design

Keeping Your Best Friend Happy

We talk a lot about keeping patients happy but generally we are speaking about the 2 legged kind. As we also do a lot of work with veterinarians it is important for us to know what keeps animals happy in a medical environment also.


The best way to achieve this is through good design. Good veterinary practice design  will create an efficient and practical environment for staff and pet owners and therefore creating a calm and happy environment.


We all know how much animals feed off our moods so a relaxed environment equals relaxed pets.

Think about layout, do you want to have separate areas for dogs and cats?

Furniture, what upholsteries are the best for easy cleaning and hygiene?


Flooring, which flooring is best for spills!


Treatment space, the way the clinic is set out will determine how efficient your staff are which is extremely important, especially during times in which pets are separated from their owners….their humans……their mum and dad.


By putting the time and thought into an intelligent floor pan streamlining day to day procedures will become easy for everyone involved therefore resulting in a happy and efficient clinic.