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Is Your Practice Pet Friendly?

As the owner of a veterinary clinic of course your clinic is pet friendly, that’s what you do, make pets better and keep them healthy, right?


Although the care you and your staff provide may be second to none, there are certain things you can include in your vet clinic design in order to create a calming atmosphere for animals (and their humans) from the moment they walk in the door therefore making it as pet friendly as possible.


Comfortable design is imperative in any medical environment, including your new veterinary practice.

As we know, vet clinics can be stressful places, not only for animals but also for their owners, so it is extremely important to try and create a warm and welcoming space for everyone.


Animal hospital/ clinic furniture has certain differences to general medical furniture. In a place where ‘spills’ are commonplace you need to furnish in order to keep your space hygienic and comfortable for owners and their pets.


No-one wants to walk into a veterinary waiting room that is loud, smelly and decorated with chairs showing rust due to a few ‘nervous week’s’ over the years. This kind of welcome can be very off-putting and turn people away which also means running the risk of poor, or worse, no word of mouth recommendations.


How your patients and their humans feel when they walk into your clinic sets the mood for the entire appointment which is why it is imperative you get your vet clinic design right from the start.


If someone feels uncomfortable and has to wait for an extended period of time to be attended to their mood might be very different by the time they get to their appointment than if they were to walk into a warm, welcoming space where staff members are on hand to help as quickly as possible.


If you have a pet of your own you will know they are more like family members than pets. And because of this owners want to see a clean clinic in which they feel their pet is going to get the best care possible.

Your waiting area furniture should be designed not only for sick or injured pets but also for their owners.


Think about things such as the floor plan of your waiting area and how you can utilise the space you have in order to create a calming environment for everyone.

Something such as separating this area into two sections where cats can congregate on one side and dogs on the other can make a huge difference to your clinics atmosphere and also opens up the opportunity for targeted retail areas.


If you are a dog owner with a pup who has a tendency for chasing cats up trees you probably aren’t going to be too comfortable walking through a group of cats in order to have a look at the dog food, and nervous cat owners will want to avoid barking dogs at all costs. You are however, more likely to have a look around maybe make a purchase if everything is close and easily accessible.


Good vet clinic design is about remembering the animals coming into your clinic are more than likely not feeling the best and therefore may act out of character when put into a stressful environment and therefore comfort is key.


Staff members also need to be taken into careful consideration when it comes to your vet clinic design. Making sure you are giving them the perfect working environment will ensure they can go about their daily tasks with minimal disruption creating a smooth workflow and increased efficiency.


Having happy staff is also a huge benefit for patients. Flustered looking staff can lead to flustered patients. It’s a knock on effect, therefore by giving your staff members the right vet clinic design to work in from the beginning can go far when it comes to the atmosphere you are looking to create.