Clinic By Design

Is It Hot In Here?


As you know it is always important to make your patients and staff feel as comfortable as possible and now that the weather is warming up it is imperative that your clinic feels as inviting as it looks!


Air conditioning is a very important aspect of any clinic and whether it be a sweltering 35 degrees or a 3 degree day when it seems almost impossible to warm up outside there is nothing worse than feeling no climate change when entering a building.


As a rule, the recommended temperature in a commercial space is 23 degrees but you can also set your thermostat to change in accordance with the area. For example, if you have a lot of exposed windows you will need stronger temperature control in that particular area as it will warm up and down a lot quicker.


When looking at a new premises make sure to get sound advice on the existing air-conditioning system to ensure it is balanced correctly and in proper working order.


The feel of your clinic is just as important as the look of it and something as simple as good climate control could be the difference between happily waiting patients and patients who can’t wait to get out the door again.