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Is Carpet Bad for You?

One question that comes up from time to time with new clients is whether carpet can be a trigger for allergies and asthma and therefore a health risk?


We can see why this would be something that needs to be taken into consideration and in a way it makes sense to think that carpets could be the cause, but in actual fact it is the opposite.


Unlike hard, flat flooring where dust particles are easily disturbed through something as little as a breeze through an open window or someone walking past, carpet fibres are actually able to trap these particles and with the proper maintenance and cleaning will reduce the amount of airborne allergens significantly.


Carpet is also low VOC (Volatile organic compounds – organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure at ordinary room temperature) due to the process of being passed through a finishing oven. This process removes most solvents and volatile chemicals leaving the end product with a low VOC content.