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Interior Design in Myotherapy

Interiror design in myotherapy - Clinics by Design

When it comes to interior design within Myotherapy comfort is key.

Whether your clinic offers myotherapy treatments only or you are sharing a tenancy with other allied services, such as physiotherapists, it is imperative you get the design of your own space right from the very beginning.

Not only will this create a comfortable and warm environment for your patients to visit, easing any tension they may have about their appointment, it will also provide your staff with the type of clinical space they can work seamlessly and efficiently in order to give your patients the best possible experience.

Comfort within a medical environment starts from the moment your patients walk through the front door, so whether you are looking for a new tenancy or want to renovate your existing clinic there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration when combining your location with your new myotherapy interior design.

Easy access to your clinic is absolutely a requirement. Given you are seeing patients with an array of different injuries it is imperative that everyone can enter and exit your clinic in a dignified manner.

If you are looking to renovate an existing clinic you should already have the required ramp access into the building but if you are starting from scratch this is something that will need to be looked into. It is a good idea to get yourself familiar with the commercial ramp guidelines in order to get a good understanding of what is required for your clinic.

Along with this, if your clinic is located above ground floor lift access will need to be available if it isn’t already.

Once your patients are in the door you want the reception and waiting area to be a warm, inviting space that is easy to navigate. There is nothing worse than walking into a building and having no idea where it is you need to go. Place your reception desk and amenities as close to the entry as possible or ensure you have clear signage in cases where the reception and amenities are located away from the entrance in order to make everyone’s life a little easier.

Once registered there are a few little things that can be incorporated into your myotherapy interior design that will make your patients wait a little more comfortable.

Items such as self-serve filtered water stations for patients that might be feeling anxious or had to exert some additional energy getting themselves to your clinic and seating options to suit different bodies and injuries can make a huge difference.

Access to reading material on the treatments and services you provide can also be a benefit to patients, especially new ones that have never been to a myotherapy session before. Not only will this give them some kind of understanding of what to expect during their appointment it may also be informative to learn of the other services and/or treatments you can provide.

Once in the consultation room it is advisable to have an area separate to the treatment bed in which patients can place clothing and sit once their appointment is over in order to discuss treatment plans etc. This can be something as simple as a visitors chair placed next to or across from you at your desk.

Depending on the size of your consultation room you may also want to have an additional chair for any family members that may be there to accompany the patient at their appointment.

One other little extra you may like to include is the availability of mirrors in all rooms along with complimentary make up wipes, hair ties and even single use deodorant for patients who may be attending an appointment on their lunch break and would like to go back to work without the worry of smudged make up and messy hair due to lying on a table for an extended period of time.


Not only do your consultation/ treatment rooms need to be comfortable for your patients but also for yourself and your staff. Make sure you have considered everything you and your staff may need and where things need to be positioned in order to make every session as efficient as possible.

Joinery and positioning of beds etc. are essential items to get right in the early design process and can make a huge difference once you start practicing.

As you can see, through proper planning and good design creating a comfortable, inviting and well-functioning clinic is simple.