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A dental fit out can provide many challenges even to the most experienced dental fit out companies.  The enormous amount of tools of trade, together with tight spaces provides many design and implementation challenges.  As technology continues to go forwards in leaps and bounds, serious consideration is required to position new equipment within the dental practice.   Consideration for the needs of Dentists, Dental Assistants, Administration Staff, Patients and Family members can provide many challenges to get the balance ‘just right’ when there are various interested parties.  Clinics by Design has many ideas in how a successful Dental Fit out Melbourne can be achieved.

It is noticeable within the industry, that the old dental clinics or the ‘converted homes’, are a dying breed.  Most converted homes are being knocked down and transformed by experienced dental fit out companies and are re-born as up-too date, technology advanced, clean and sterile dental practices.

Here are some ideas when thinking about tackling a Dental Fit out Melbourne.

Calming Colours

Consider using soft, natural, earthy colours. These can create a calming environment when considering a colour palate for your dental fit out Melbourne. Dental fit out companies who know what they are talking about will design a dental practice with a colour palate that will mollify and soothe. Helping patients to feel calm prior to their consultation will benefit everyone. The use of lighter colours also helps to create a crisp clean and clinical atmosphere that help patients feel the dental practice is a hygienic and clean environment. Again, this can help with patients feeling calm and relaxed.

Within the waiting rooms, dental fit out companies will often integrate high end finishes to ensure patient comfort. Good quality chairs are very important to ensure patient are relaxed whilst waiting. The use of natural products like timber and stone can radiate a clean yet luxurious environment. Natural textures have a warm feel and will radiate a calm atmosphere. Patient comfort has proven to be a deciding factor on whether patients book return visits. It’s important to the success of your practice that these things are considered before you tackle a dental fit out.

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Soften the edges

In the past, dental fit out companies used edgy cabinetry in dental rooms and reception areas. Nowadays, these super sharp edges can be seen as an occupational hazard with patients and staff injuries. Soft edges provide safer workplaces and also radiate a feeling of calm to the patient. Accordingly, dental fit out Melbourne are now steering towards curved finishes.

Not only can soft edges can be achieved in cabinetry, it can also be achieved through curved walls, soft furniture and lighting. More recently, newly constructed Dental practices will incorporate a curved exterior to heighten patients feeling of luxury and calm.


Most patients will agree that sitting in the waiting room can raise our blood pressure. Anxiety is a common feeling waiting to be called. Accordingly, patient entertainment is a valuable investment. Free Wi-Fi, televisions and environmental imagery are key to patient distraction.

While pamphlet racks still have some need, potentially interactive displays might be a good consideration. Further consideration might be given to self check-ins. This patient interaction can go a long way in alleviating patient anxiety due to being engaged.

Once in the consult room, some other ideas are televisions, plant gardens and music. There are a lot of suitable ideas to keep patients minds engaged elsewhere.


Natural light in the dental consult rooms is a key to both patient calm and to dentist health. Natural light can lift the mood and is imperative to a healthy work space. Specific lighting with advanced globes are also imperative as this will enable the dentist to perform their work with ease. Evidence within the dental fit out Melbourne industry supports the move from yellow light to natural light.

Large windows with manicured gardens and water features can be used to create a peaceful ambiance. Deep green foliage has proven to be a safe choice when combining nature through large windows. The use of natural lighting and nature is a great combination to enhance the dental consult room.

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Clinics by Design has enormous tenure in dental fit outs and we are renown as a fore-runner in design and space interpretation as a dental fit out company. We are highly experienced and well-known in the areas of dental fit out Melbourne. Our reputation is our best form of advertising. Almost all our work comes from word of mouth. We stand proud of our reputation as a dental fit out company.

We are constantly investigating new ways to broaden our knowledge in order to get ahead of the game when it comes to creating beautiful, yet functional, healthcare practices.

We attend, as well as participate in, medical, dental and veterinary conferences both within Victoria, interstate and internationally every year. We find this is an extremely important aspect of our business as it is imperative we are across any new clinic equipment or design ideas that may be of interest to potential clients.

When the time has come to set up your new dental practice or renovate your existing dental clinic, Clinics by Design are the dental fit out company for you.

Operating from our Melbourne office we create modern, unique and functional dental clinics across Australia. From Sydney to Broome we are proud to call ourselves the dental fit out Melbourne specialists.

We cover all facets of clinic design from refurbishment to full construction. Our team of specialists can help create the perfect practice for you, your staff and your patients.

We work closely with you, the client, to ensure that all your dental clinic design requirements are met and are to standard. We are experts with setup requirements and hold strong relationships with our surveyors, inspectors and council members to ensure your practice is within regulation.

You are in safe hands with Clinics by Design.

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