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 How to select the right Medical Fit Out Company?

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If your medical practice is beginning to look a bit tired, or small repairs are beginning to become more regular than not, it might be time to consider an update your practice.  Undoubtedly, a fresh look medical practice can be the best form of advertising in attracting new patients. The process of how to find “the right medical fit out company” for your practice can be a daunting task.  Sometimes the biggest challenge is where to start.  Quite often the most useful tool is Google and word of mouth.

GOOGLE – Medical Fitouts Melbourne or Medical Fit Out Companies

Often googling ‘medial fit out companies” or similar terminologies will bring forth companies who have deep pockets and might pay for ‘adwords’ that match the above, but the real star of the show might be a medical fit out company that has a smaller advertising budget and may not display on the first page of your google search. Most times it would be in your best interest to dig a little deeper than the first page of google.
medial fit out companies - Clinics by Design

ASK OTHER COLLEAGUES about their medical centre fit out.

To find a medical fit out company that holds similar standards to your own might take a more of a commercial approach. One tried and tested way of finding a suitable fit out partner is to ask other medical colleagues who have undergone a medical renovation of recent times. This is what we refer to as ‘word of mouth’ and from over 20 years experience this can be the best way to engage a like-minded medical fit out company.

Often this approach also allows for you to visit their practice and to view the results for yourself. You can check out the medical centre design, the layout, the workmanship, the quality of finishes that were used. You can discuss how the medical clinic designs came to life and how well the medical center design fit their needs. You can ask if they interviewed any other medical fit out companies and what selection criteria they used to select the successful company.


Most importantly you need to have a clear picture of the ‘finish line’. What is it that you are looking for? A complete renovation or a partial renovation? Will structural changes be required? Will your practice offer new services ie pathology ?– In short – What is your finish line?
Once you understand this, it is easier to communicate what your practice requires with prospective medical fitout companies to find the company with the right expertise that fits your requirements.


In regards to medical fitouts, you will require a specific timeline. This timeline will help you to budget for any proposed shut downs, or how to manage the fit out in stages. This might involve moving rooms or closing rooms to allow for trades persons to undertake the renovation work. You might require renovation work to be undertaken after-hours some days. These considerations are very important when selecting medical fit out companies to interview.


Talk to them about how the budget will evolve. Some companies charge for medical centre designs separate to the fit-out budget, others combine both. Some medical fit out companies have a selection of budget, medium and high range finishes. Others don’t. Ensure your finished budget is reviewed by suitably qualified persons who understand the game.


When considering a medical centre fit out, ensure the company you choose to work with has all the relevant skill and qualifications to complete the job. Check their ability to develop medical centre design that is intelligent, contemporary, forward thinking and practical. Ensure the medical clinic design is delivered with 3D renders and full plans with sufficient detail to ensure all trades can perform their work. Ensure staff are qualified. Ensure the design team is lead by a qualified architect/designer, the entity holds a registered builders licence, ensure the company has been around for at least one decade in the same industry. These are just a few of the qualifications you should check before you engage a fit out partner.


Contract negotiations for your medical practice is critical to a successful outcome. Some companies will offer ‘no variation contracts’, others don’t. Some offer retention monies to be withheld until the warranty period expires. Others might demand liquidated damages. At the contract negotiation phase we would suggest you have a lawyer look over the contract to ensure it is fair both ways


Whether you are looking for medical clinics designs, medical renovations, complete overhaul, or medical construction the selection process to engage medical fit out companies are very similar. The key to the selection process being successful is doing your homework and knowing the finish line.

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