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How to Make Your Clinic Less ‘Clinical’

Although you want your medical, dental or veterinary clinic to look clinical enough in the way of cleanliness you might be surprised that you don’t have to cover every floor surface in coved vinyl and paint all the walls white.


Consider the below when designing your new clinic in order to make it look a little less ‘clinical’ and a lot more welcoming.

Waiting Waiting Waiting…….

Nobody likes to wait, especially when they are not feeling 100% or nervous at the thought of an appointment.


Choose bright colours for your waiting area by utilising floor finishes, paint, joinery and upholstery

Select comfortable seating, although some of the plusher chairs may seem out of range when it comes to price we can guarantee it is worth spending the extra on something that your patients are going to be comfortable in

Refreshment stations that provide filtered drinking water not only look good but give your patients the chance to have a drink if they need to.


If you would like to go one step further and provide tea and coffee facilities things like Zip taps can provide both boiling water (with safety locks in order to prevent a safety hazard) and chilled water in the one unit.


Children’s areas are great when there are going to be lengthy waiting times. Make sure you are able to partition this section off so it is still in view of parents but away from other patients that do not have children with them.


A TV can make a huge impact and takes patients minds off what they are actually waiting for, at least for a little while. These can also be utilised as a branding tool as you can set this up to show your own advertising.

Keep Staff Happy……

The people controlling your front of house are in many ways the most important people in your clinic.


They make sure all the appointments are in order and surgeries are set up properly but most importantly they are the first and last person your patients see which means having a welcoming smile when they walk through the door is very important.

So how can we help you keep that smile on their face?

It is not actually that hard to keep staff happy, and we all know that happy staff = a productive working environment.


Ask your staff what items would make their life easier on a daily basis in the way of joinery set up, storage options and even seating.


A lot of the time these small things are overlooked resulting in non ergonomic chairs which can cause back problems and lack of space which can decrease efficiency.


Away from the front desk create a comfortable break out area with sufficient amenities and, if space permits, lockers to provide a place for personal belongings.

Warm Up…….

One very important factor that can turn your clinic from an inviting space to a place your patients can’t wait to get out of is sufficient heating and cooling.


Make sure your air conditioning system is balanced and in proper working order.

There is nothing worse than walking into a building on a 35 degree day and feeling no change in the climate. Same goes for a 9 degree day when it seems impossible to warm up!


The recommended temperature in a commercial area is 23 degrees but you can also have this set on a thermostat in order to change with the climate. You may find if you have a lot of windows you will need it to be cooler in that area than a closed off room or waiting area.

Create Some Personality…….

One way to make your patients and staff feel comfortable when they come into your clinic is with a bit of personality.


By creating spaces that really cater to peoples needs as mentioned in the above items you are not only giving them an inviting environment for themselves but you are also building a reputation for yourself which in return will equal good word of mouth referrals which could create new clientele.


Whether they are coming into your clinic to work or for an appointment you would be surprised at how effective it can be for productivity and overall mood when the small details are taken into consideration.


As you can see its the little things that make all the difference and something as simple as a phone call to make your patients aware that their doctor or dentist is running behind in schedule or a confirmation message the day before a scheduled appointment can be very beneficial to your patients and your practice.

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