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How to Choose the Best Veterinary Clinic Design?

The thought of renovating or building a new Veterinary Practice is daunting. Almost certainly, you have been laying awake at night with ideas in your head.

Your dream Veterinary practice might be in its infancy – but we are here to help with the next step in your vet clinic design.

Here are a few essential factors to keep in mind when planning your vet clinic design.

1. Select a Veterinary Construction company to partner with.

Investigate and select a design and construction company with Veterinary experience.
These specialists will help navigate the intricate details of Vet Clinic design including:


Easy to use and clean materials for floor, walls, and fixtures

Provision for disposing of waste hygienically

A well-constructed holding area to prevent animals from getting injured or escape

 Animal areas to limit different animal interaction or to hold aggressive/anxious animals

Thought-out floor plan that has space for separate offices, examination rooms, waiting area, reception desk, pantry, kitchen area, etc.

Separate entrances for public and business areas of the clinic

Lockup facilities to safely keep medical equipment

Dedicated space for cold storage / refrigeration


It’s essential to take the time to view their previous jobs. Visit previous Fitouts that the Vet specialist has undertaken. This is a key to selecting the right partner for you. Most importantly pay particular attention to the Vet Clinic Design in the vet practices that you visit.

2.Latest Designs and Trends

Many vet clinic design teams are increasingly prioritizing sustainable design and safer spaces. We consider options like more indoor plants, locally sourced material and furniture, open spaces using glass that allows for natural light, easy to clean floors and cabinetry, and energy efficient considerations.

Acoustic panels between walls for noise cancellation, customized and comfortable seating arrangements, adding more glass in interiors, different colors and textures that add a pleasing aesthetic for the clients, are some of the new design ideas for Vet Clinic design. Ensure the vet specialist you choose is ahead of the game.

Most importantly each vet clinic design should consider animal comfort, staff workplace needs and customer requirements. This mix is essential to create a functional, peaceful, calm, vet clinic that will thrive.

3.Room for move

Vet Clinic design should also leave room for future change. Money invested into refurbished vet clinics or newly constructed Vet clinics should show return on investment. Some clinics might wish to add additional services like grooming or daycare at some future point – thinking ahead is most important in the design phase.

4.Builders suitably qualified

Ensure your veterinary specialist has an unlimited commercial builder’s license. This license is important to show that they are right for the job. Builders holding a builders license are answerable to the VBA. It’s peace of mind for the customer to know that they are suitably qualified.

Some vet builders use other companies’, builders’ licence. This is a recipe for disaster.

At Clinics By Design we understand what is important when it comes to creating veterinary practices. Our medical design team have a wealth of knowledge to share with you regarding intelligent design, clinical layout and what is required in a veterinary environment. Call us today