Clinic By Design

How to Achieve the Best for your Hospital Construction

When it comes to hospital construction there are many ways to make your patients and their family members feel at ease during their visit while also creating an efficient and safe workplace for staff members.


While general practices, dentists and allied services usually operate within normal business hours hospitals are generally open 24/7 and therefore the afterhour’s aesthetics of your building need to be taken into consideration.


Because some patients will be seeing your building at night you need to make sure good lighting and signage are high on your priority list.

Generally if someone is visiting your hospital after normal business hours it isn’t for a routine procedure or planned appointment. Therefore it is imperative your hospital looks not only inviting from the outside as someone approaches but also uncomplicated when it comes to clear directions.


Before the construction of your hospital can start make sure elements such as signage, not only on the front of your building, but also within the car park, are clear and concise? If someone is in a hurry they don’t want to be navigating a complicated car park in the dark.


Once your patient has parked, whether it is during the day or at night, you want to give them a warm, inviting welcome in order to make them feel at ease straight away.


Unfortunately we don’t seem to get the same relaxed feeling walking into a hospital as we would a day spa so it is crucial that your hospital construction includes as many calming elements as possible.

Your waiting area can be one of the most stressful places for a patient and their family members so it is a good idea to spend some extra time designing it to be as enjoyable as possible.

little things can make a big difference. Consider the following items for inclusion in your waiting area:

  • Natural light can make a big difference in your waiting room’s atmosphere. Make sure the utilisation of windows and skylights are included where possible in your hospital construction plans
  • Phone/ laptop charging stations can be a benefit to anyone who has to wait for an extended period of time or would like to get some work done before their appointment.
  • Comfortable furniture with the option of arms and no arms to suit everyone
  • Music and artwork can be a welcome distraction and give waiting patients something to look at while they wait
  • Refresh station offering self-serve filtered water
  • Clear signage to amenities

Comfort in consultation rooms is just as important so it is advisable to carry some of the above elements through to consulting suites where possible.


By doing this you are retaining the calming atmosphere you have worked so hard to achieve in your waiting area and in turn it will make a more positive experience for your patient.


Of course, a good floor plan is essential in any hospital construction in order to create good circulation and dignified discharge for patients.


Patients that have been through a big procedure will usually want to avoid leaving the hospital through a crowded waiting area, so where possible having an exit in a different location to the entry is advisable. In doing this, not only are you making discharged patients feel less self-conscious but you are also reducing stress for waiting or entering patients.


As you can see by using certain design elements within your hospital construction (although they may seem small) can make a big difference. Good design is the starting point to creating the most positive experience you possibly can for your staff and patients.