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How Hospital Construction Specialists Are the Key to a Good Aesthetic

There are many aspects when it comes to the design of your hospital construction that can make a huge difference to both patients and staff and this is where it is important that the team you are appointing to help with your design have the right amount of experience with medical design and construction.


Not only do you want someone with extensive experience in this area you also need someone that is familiar with all of the current medial standards in order to make sure your medical design complies.


When we think about the differences between hospitals and general practices the main thing that comes to mind is that a hospital setting is for more critical cases than a GPs office. Therefore, the design of a hospital will differ from the design of a general clinic and the expertise of a medical fit out specialist can bring some ideas to the forefront that you may not have even thought of yourself.


One of the main differences we need to consider is the time of day patients will be coming to visit.


While a medical clinic will generally work within normal hours during the day a hospital is open 24 hours so it is imperative the afterhours aesthetics are just as welcoming as the aesthetics during the day.


The most effective way of making patients feel comfortable is through clear signage, especially when parking their car. Whether they are a patient themselves or a friend/ family member either coming to visit or to pick a patient up there is nothing worse than not knowing where you are meant to go and spending 20 minutes looking for a car spot.


If possible, incorporating valet parking into your hospital construction design is a fantastic idea. It can ease stress and anxiety for someone who is trying to quickly navigate a car park either during the day when it is busy or at night when it is dark.


Once your patients or friends/ family members are in the hospital you want to make include as many calming elements as possible.


It’s no secret that hospitals can cause a sudden feeling of anxiety when you walk through the doors. Whether you are a patient who is about to go through a procedure or a friend/ family member who is concerned about a patient it helps to create a sense of calm and comfort when they enter the building.

So how can you incorporate calm into your hospital construction?

Small things can make a big impact on people and it is quite simple to design for comfort and calm in your design. Consider the following items for inclusion in your waiting area:

Natural light can make a big difference in your waiting room’s atmosphere. Make sure the utilisation of windows and skylights are included where possible in your hospital construction plans

Phone/ laptop charging stations can be a benefit to anyone who has to wait for an extended period of time or would like to get some work done before their appointment.

Comfortable furniture with the option of arms and no arms to suit everyone

Music and artwork can be a welcome distraction and give waiting patients something to look at while they wait

Refresh station offering self-serve filtered water

Clear signage to amenities

As you can see it is quite simple to create a warm and calming environment through your hospital construction design and it is extremely beneficial to have an experienced medical/ hospital construction specialist on board to help bring your vision to life.