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How Fit Outs Can Improve Atmosphere

A calming atmosphere is crucial when it comes to any medical clinic or Melbourne fit out. In a busy environment where you will receive a range of emotions from different patients it is important that you start off each patients experience in the most positive way possible.


There are a few things that you can include in your fit out to help create a calming environment, not only for your patients but for you and your staff members too. 


It doesn’t matter whether your fit out is taking place in the middle of the Melbourne  or Sydney CBD or country South Australia, when it comes to medical a warm welcome is always encouraged. 

Whats that sound?

Although it may seem like quiet = calm it can also create an awkward atmosphere for some patients.


Depending on the type of clinic you are running some patients may not like the feeling of the whole waiting room being able to hear their conversation with reception staff.


By including some kind of sound into your waiting area, whether it is soft music or even some relaxing soundscapes, not only can these distract away from conversations reception staff are having with patients either in person or on the phone but it can also help to alleviate patients of stress.

Keep the Mind Clear –

Clutter can cause anxiety, I don’t know about you but I can’t stand having an untidy kitchen bench. I feel as though I can’t focus properly and there is that constant niggling in the back of your head that there is another job to do.


The same sort of overwhelming feeling can happen within patients if you have a cluttered waiting area.


Clutter can come in many different forms. Whether it is through the use of too many colours and patterns in your design, clashing artwork and loud noises such as music or the television or just too many items in a small space.

By designing your space for organisation not only will it help staff members to stay efficient but will also bring another dimension of calm to patients that might not be obvious to the eye but is definitely there!

Colour Selection –

While we are on the topic of keeping the mind clear colour choice is a huge factor when it comes to mental stimulation.


Bright, stimulating colours such as reds and oranges can be off-putting for some patients and make certain people feel overwhelmed whereas neutral tones such as light blues and greens are seen as calming colours and can alleviate any stress they may already be feeling.

Go Green –

There is nothing new about going green but it is something that often gets overlooked when designing a clinic. Plants are a simple and cost effective addition to any waiting area, not only does it give the welcoming look of bringing the outdoors in but it has been proven that live plants have many benefits to both patients and staff members.


Make sure you do your research on which plants are best for indoor use and ensure you have a schedule in place to make sure they are being taken care of properly. There is nothing worse than walking into a waiting room with brown plants that have been left to wither away in the corner, you don’t want patients to take this as a reflection of the services you are going to provide to them.


If plant care isn’t your thing and your busy staff members don’t have time to make sure they are watered and taken care of that isn’t a problem! There are plenty of indoor plant hire companies out there that not only supply and install the plants for you but also provide ongoing maintenance services. 


The atmosphere you create for your patients is the thing that will keep them coming back and refer your clinic onto others.


Whether your fit out is in the middle of the busy Melbourne CBD or in a more rural setting your patients deserve to feel safe and comfortable with a warm welcome.


By implementing even two or three of the above into your design you are showing that you care about your staff members and patients wellbeing from the moment they walk in the door. Even though it might not be completely in your face an obvious, all these little things can make a huge difference to the experience everyone has within your clinic.