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How Ceiling Systems are Keeping us Healthy

When it comes to a brand new fit out, rarely would ceiling tiles be the first thing you would think about when it comes to aesthetics and hygiene but they are more important to your health than you would think.



When it comes to ceiling tiles within a healthcare environment it is very important that you chose the right product.

A few benefits to selecting a ceiling tile made for health are:

  • Anti-microbial performance to assist with infection control
  • Clean room performance
  • Durable, washable, soil resistant and water repellent
  • High acoustic performance (perfect for busy waiting areas and rooms made for confidential conversations)
  • High light reflective finish
  • Appealing smooth surface
  • Humidity resistance
  • Sustainability – Green Star contribution

By selecting these types of products to feature in your new clinic you are looking after your patients from the moment they walk in the door.