Clinic By Design

Good Design Isn’t Only Physical

When establishing your new dental clinic the comfort of your patients should come first and foremost.

Comfort can come in many different forms and while your selected dental practice designer will ensure your new clinic showcases the aesthetic you want and will also create the perfect atmosphere, the comfort you provide to your patients needs to start prior to walking through the door.

When you think about how you would approach booking an appointment with a new dentist, or any other medical professional for that matter, what is the first thing you would do?

The most convenient way to find new medical providers these days is to jump online and have a look at who is in your area, what kind of website they have and to maybe check out any reviews other locals have left.

Given this is how most people will choose their dentist you need to make sure you are getting in front of your preferred market before someone else does. And this is where an experienced dental practice website designer can be invaluable.

Not only will they be able to bring their previous experience to the table but they might have some ideas on what does and doesn’t work when trying to attract traffic that you may not have even thought of.

A dental practice website designer will get you to think about what kind of clientele you are trying to attract and what they might find helpful and/or attractive when it comes to website design and navigation.

You want to make the process of booking at appointment or searching the services you provide as easy as possible, especially if you are dealing with people that may be trying to do more than one thing at a time (think mums or dads booking kids appointments) or the elderly who may not be as computer savvy as others.

In these cases it is important that your website is easy to use and everything is clear. Something as simple as putting a large ‘Book Now’ or ‘Get A Quote’ button on the first page can make some people’s lives a lot easier and save a lot of navigating time.

Already you are making your patients life a little easier and therefore they will be coming to your clinic with a positive attitude and the expectation that your staff and service will be the same.

Think about it like a building site. When you walk past a new building site and it is clean and tidy you automatically think the builder working there must take pride in their work and will therefore create a quality building, whereas if you walk past a building site that is covered in rubbish and left untidy at the end of each day it does put some doubt in your head that the quality of work must not be 100% (whether thats the case or not!)

Remember that comfort prior to walking through the door is what will get them (and others) through the door.