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The interior design aspect of you new dental fit out is an important one. 

Not only does it create the first impression when your patients walk through the front door it also creates a feeling for that patient throughout their appointment. 

We all want to feel comfortable during any medical appointment therefore it is important to create a space in which any overly nervous patients are made to feel at ease as quickly as possible. 

There are certain things that can be done from a dental surgery design point of view in order to make your dental fit out give off a feeling of comfort from the moment a patient walks through he door. 

Accessible Amenities –

When you are talking about medical environments, easily accessible amenities are extremely important. 

By positioning your amenities, or at least easy to read signage, within view of the waiting area is a great way to put patients at ease. There is something about knowing where the toilets are located that makes you feel that little bit more relaxed should you need to go. 

Not only is this a benefit to patients but it also gives staff the opportunity to keep an eye on patients movements. 

Safety for staff and other patients within your clinic is imperative and therefore it is a good idea to have your waiting area within view of reception staff to make sure no-one is wandering around the clinic. Not only does this stop certain patients getting disorientated if they get lost but also reduces the risk of anyone getting into areas they shouldn’t be such as dispensaries or staff rooms where personal belongings are kept. 

Intelligent Seating – 

Waiting rooms can sometimes be the place you spend the bulk of your time during a medical appointment and therefore it is important to make your waiting room comfortable. 

By providing something as simple as alternating chairs with arms/ no arms within your dental surgery design you are catering for a variety of people and ensuring everyone has a comfortable seat while they wait. 

Spacing, as we know, has also become an issue with the current Covid-19 restrictions so steering away from shared sofas is advisable. 

In saying that, we are still seeing a lot of bench seating which is not only a great space saving option but also has the ability to cater for the current regulations. 

By placing stickers on the seats you do not want occupied you are providing the required spacing but you know you will always have that additional seating again once restrictions ease. 

Floor plans that Work –

Getting the floor plan within your dental surgery design right from the beginning is imperative to your clinic running smoothly. 

The sizing of rooms and things such as placement of chairs in those rooms can heavily impact the efficiency of the day, not only for you but also for your nurses and administration staff.  

Although it may seem like a good idea to fit as many rooms into your dental surgery design as possible, in order to take on additional dentists, you also need to take space into consideration and how much you and your nursing staff will really need in order to undertake their daily tasks comfortably. 

Another important aspect of any dental surgery design is good hygiene and therefore certain rooms such as the sterilisation and lab need to be set out properly. 

Clean and dirty areas need to be clearly marked and systems put into place to avoid any chance of cross contamination. This way you are keeping everyone safe. 

Lighting or coloured vinyl strips that show green and red are a simple yet extremely effective way of defining clean and dirty areas. 

Colour Your Mood –

We speak about colour a lot in our blogs as it is a powerful thing. It can change moods, enhance emotions and create certain feelings. 

Using colour creatively within your new dental surgery design is a simple way to create a sense of calm and comfort within your clinic and can be incorporated in so many ways. 

Paint and flooring (vinyl, carpet etc) are the most common ways to incorporate some colour into your fit out but you can also get creative by incorporating colours into your furniture (upholstery), joinery (laminate) and signage. 

The design of your dental surgery is one of the first things your patients will notice when they walk in the door and can be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors.