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Everything You Should Understand About Medical Fitouts

The term ‘medical fit out’ can be used to refer to various types of fit outs. Most often it refers to the refurbishment or renovation of a current medical practice, although this term can also refer to any renovation of a medical facility. This could include the local GP clinic, physiotherapy clinic, psychologist rooms, veterinary clinics, hospitals and dental practices – any practice that provides patient medical care.

Medical Fitouts is primarily the design, the setup, the renovation of any type of medical practice. The idea is to ensure the interior space is well designed, well equipped and functional to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals and their patients.

A medical fitout can be for the purpose to freshen up an older run-down clinic or it could be the planning and design of a new build. Either way, the design and know-how is the same for both.

The following details a few areas for considerations when thinking about medical fitouts:


Space Planning and Concept Design

At Clinics by Design, our in-house design team have in-depth knowledge and understanding of healthcare environments. With years of experience under their belts, all Medical fitouts are drawn and designed to center around workplace functionality.

Each distinct area is designed with utmost care and attention to detail. In particular, staff areas are designed to promote optimal workflow with ergonomic considerations whilst patents areas are designed for comfort and patient wellbeing. For medical professionals, the areas are designed to accommodate medical equipment and fine placement of all fittings to ensure the best patient care possible.

The planning of such highly sensitive spaces takes a-lot of due care and careful consideration to ensure each stakeholder has an area that is fit for purpose.


It is imperative that all healthcare industry standards and regulations are adhered to and considered before the planning and design phase begins. Medical fit outs have stringent regulations regarding hygiene, infection control, disabled access and safety regulations.

Local building codes and local council regulations also require in-depth understanding and knowledge to ensure your project will pass the Certificate of Occupancy.

Equipment Design and placement

The integration of medical equipment and placement is the cornerstone of a medical fit out success. Getting the placement of integral medical equipment wrong can cause frustrations in the long run.

Sensible ergonomic and comfortable furniture is imperative to a healthy workplace for healthcare professionals, staff and for patients.

Medical Fit Outs

Security and privacy

Patient privacy is becoming a bigger consideration when designing medial fit outs and is nowadays a requirement for consideration. This might involve self check-in stations or the use of mobile check-in devises, all designed to limit personal information being overheard.

The security of staff, healthcare professionals and other patients is a high priority when designing medical fitouts. Due consideration is taken to ensure sharp instruments are secured, easy exit routes are in place and areas are available for agitated patients. Healthcare environments must be designed to ensure staff and patient safety.

Infection control and ventilation

It is most important that the choice of materials used in medical fitouts are easy to clean, non-porous and promote a sterile environment.

Airflow and the ventilation system is also key to limiting any airborne infections. Following COVID these considerations are foremost in our thoughts so careful planning is critical in healthcare environments.

Project Management

The key to the success of any fit out is the organisation and professionalism of the project management team. Realistic time frames, budgets, workflow management and industry knowhow is imperative to complete the project on time and within budget ensuring all stakeholders are happy.

It is important that the project Management team is lead by seasoned professionals who know what they are doing. It is important they are educated in site Management, team control and workflow progression and client communication.

Warranty Period

The handover process should involve full manuals, contract details, manufactures warranties and a period of time where defects will show and can be corrected.

In short, there are a lot of considerations and know how that go into the planning and undertaking of medical fitouts. Having an experienced team to undertake each task will ensure that your project will be a success.

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