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Estimating the cost of a dental fit out Melbourne

A question we get asked a lot by potential clients is “What does a dental fit out Melbourne actually cost?”.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a straightforward answer, and even though we can give a ball-park figure in order to help give you an idea of what you might be up for, the final cost of your dental practice fit out will depend on a number of factors.  Here’s a list of things that will have an effect on your hip pocket:


1. Residential to Commercial?

One popular misconception when it comes to dental fit out Melbourne and surrounding areas is that the transition from residential to commercial is easy and any builder or fit out company can manage it.


There are actually many factors that come into play converting residential to commercial/medical/dental.  Some of the more complex issues like council approval, complying to the Disability Discrimination Act, body protection and many more.  It is definitely worth investing some time with a dental fit out specialist to go through the issues that might be faced.


What we have found over the last few years is that the transfer from residential to commercial is less fashionable.  Many new dental clinics now choose to knock down and re-build a purpose-built practice.  This option can also be costs effective. There are lots of things to consider before deciding which way to jump.


2. Age of the building?

The age of your current tenancy, or building you are looking to purchase, can make a big difference when it comes to the amount of time and money you will need to invest into the dental fit out.


Often we come across a lot of old clinics that are not up to date with the current body protection standards.  This requires a complete overhaul of the electrical services to become compliant. This can have a big impact of the fit-out costs for your practice.


If the property you are considering is an older property it would be prudent to get a specialist medical builder to have a look who can advise you on any large additional works that might be required to be undertaken.


3. Are you building from the ground up?


The investment into a purpose-built dental practice is increasingly becoming a popular solution.  This option allows your designers and architects to design your dream practice with your input.  Investing in a new build will prove to be your biggest future asset.


The benefits of a new build and not just a fit out can outweigh the alternative.  A purpose built aesthetically beautiful building is a big draw card for new patients.  Ensuring the outside is as functional and pleasing as the inside provides the best return on your investment and will hold your practice in good standing for the future.


4. What ideas and visions do you have – Dental fit out Melbourne

What image do you have in your head as to what your future dental practice will look like? If you see your future practice having custom-built cabinetry, with luxurious fittings and the latest technology this will be substantially more expensive than bulk manufactured furniture and fittings.


Accordingly, it is most important that you work with a design and construction/fit out specialist with experience in medical/dental design to ensure that your vision will align with what is actually possible for your budget.


5. Know your budget – Dental Fit out Melbourne

When it comes to design, construction and fit out costs, it is important to understand your budget and stick to it.  This is the key to success.


Designers and architects can design the world yet this is impractical if your budget does not stretch that far.  It is most important that your architect/designers draw plans to suit your budget. This will avoid disappointment and frustration in the long run.


Understanding the cost differences in taking on a lease as a cold shell vs a warm shell, understanding the cost differences of materials and finishes, understanding the design of state of the art architecture will all impact the bottom line.


We have noticed over recent times that incorporating a contingency percentage for upgrades to finishes, increase in statutory fees over the life of the project and for things that the client has ‘forgotten’ is a great tool to keep the project moving.  Accordingly, a contingency percentage maybe something that you might wish to add into your budget.


6. Ball Park Guide

Putting a ball-park figure on any sort of construction is difficult.  Many things will alter the per square meter price.  From the quality of the fittings, engaging a specialist builder, purchasing long lasting and up to date medical equipment, custom made furniture and even the size of the building will impact the overall cost.  Engaging a qualified medical specialist who has specialist construction managers will limit any time delays that could affect the overall price.


As a ball park guide we have found that in today’s terms a superior dental fit out Melbourne will cost between $3000 to $5000 per square meter based on a cold shell and warm shell.  In regards to dental construction the cost sits between $6,500 to $8,500 per square meter.


Getting the right advise and working with a dental specialist and getting to the nitty gritty about the real costs of a dental construction and or fit out is imperative to the success of your practice.  You don’t want to face nasty surprises down the track.