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Design Ideas to Kickstart Your Dental Practice Construction

The effects of COVID, has contributed to an altered Healthcare vision.  Patients nowadays look for safety and an assurance that they are in good hands.  How your Dental Practice is perceived by your patients is key to business success.  It’s clear that customer’s value dental practice cleanliness, it calming ambiance and how visually pleasing the façade is.   It’s obvious that the house converted Dental Practice is a thing of the past.  The mission brown bricks and the narrow doorways are no longer suitable or pleasing to patients.


Accordingly, is it time to consider a Dental Practice Construction?

Have an intelligent business plan

The most important part of a Dental Practice Construction is the initial business plan.  To ensure your new Dental Practice will be successful, you will require time and resources to invest into a detailed business plan.  Ensure your trusted finance specialist will create an Investment Budget including cash flow forecasts, allowable deductions and a return on capital.  Ensure your new site satisfies all local council requirements in respect of car parking, permits and approvals.  Plan the use of technology in your practice.  Consider staff and staffing costs.  Consider Insurance and future growth.  Having an intelligent business plan will determine the success or failure of your Dental Practice Construction.

Know your budget and have finance available

Most importantly ensure you work within your budget. It is imperative that your architect/designer draws your new Dental Practice Construction with your budget in mind.  Too often we find extravagant architects drawing with spectacular designs and interiors only to find it is outside the budget of the customer.  This only causes dissatisfaction and a yearning for a vision that is simply not possible.  It is critical to the success of the Dental Practice Construction that all designs are drawn to budget.  One idea is to source a Design and Construction Company rather than engaging an Architect and then a Builder.  This idea is centred on the qualified designer designing a practice that is within budget.  This really is the key to success.


In respect of finance – often Dental Practice Constructions are fully financed or may also have outside Investor injection.


If you are considering a Dental Practice Construction yet cannot finance the entire project yourself, Clinics by Design can help with an introduction to a finance specialist.  Over the years, we have found it easier to source finance when dealing with a finance partner who understands the Dental Practice Constructions.

Choosing the right builder

The ultimate key to success is the ‘right’ builder.  Ensure your builder is a registered Builder with the VBA, Victorian Building Authority or your local state authority. Too often in practice, Dental Construction companies are not actually licenced to carry out your Dental Practice Construction, rather they use the Building Licence of a 3rd party.  In this situation, if you have an issue with your construction that cannot be settled, and a dispute escalates to legal, there is very little success suing the builder who does not hold the building licence.  The building company simply would de-solve and the customer would find themselves in litigation fighting a company with very little to lose.


The ‘right’ builder will also have a long history of exceptional workmanship.  The ‘right’ builder will be happy to provide previous dental practice construction walk-throughs.  The ‘right’ builder will listen to what their customers want and will attempt to understand the customers dream. It’s most important that you have confidence in your builder from the get go.

Be realistic

The life of a Dental Practice Construction is in the vicinity of 6 to 12 months.  Construction companies run to a very tight timeframe with Ghant Charts and schedules detailing the exact performance of each phase of the job.  Factors outside the builders control can delay jobs, like the weather and most recently COVID.  It’s important to understand that both builder and customer wish for the shortest project completion time as possible.  There is a cost to any builder for any project overruns.  Accordingly, both parties have the same agenda in wishing the project be completed in the timeliest fashion.  In situations where there might be delays, it’s important to communicate.  Simple explanations and being kept up to date will often be the deciding factor between a close working relationship and a distant one.


Establish contingencies. Ensure you have a list of strategies if things change throughout the project.  Think about disruption, think about possible variations and even have a plan in case the project finishes early.  The more that a customer is ready for a hiccup, the better the outcome.  So we recommend investing time focusing on possible contingencies.

Enjoy your future

Your Dental Practice Construction has reached its final completion and you have now received the Certificate of Occupancy.  You might wish to pop the cork to celebrate or if that is not your thing, maybe just sit back and take in the ambiance of your new Dental Practice.


When it’s time to welcome your first patient, it’s time to exhale and enjoy your future – it’s time for your Dental Practice to start to repay your Investment.


How much input do I get?

The consultation process is very in-depth.  It’s most important that the ideas in your head are able to be transferred to us.  From here, our designers and draftsperson will develop plans.  Your input is critical to the success of the project.

How much does a fit out cost

Simple fit out projects vary in price.  Construction projects also vary in price depending on what is called up.   Some premises come as a ‘cold shell’ which require all interiors from flooring to air-conditioning etc.  These fit outs are more expensive than a simple warm shell refurbishment.  Highend construction projects are more expensive than a budget construction.  After an in-depth consultation and a walk-thru, Clinics by Design will be in a better position to provide a quote.

What is your quality like?

Put simply Clinics by Design’s workmanship is second to none.  All cabinetry is custom made, we use our own employees rather than contractors and our director is involved from commencement to finish.  Almost all our projects are secured via from word of mouth.  At Clinics by Design we figure a happy customer word is worth more than any advertising campaign.

How long does construction take?

Dental construction can take between 6 to 10 months depending on the number of rooms involved.

How do I contact you?

We are contactable via email or please call our office on 03 9532 0350.