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Design Concepts to Consider

When it comes to smart medical centre design there are many things that can contribute in creating the perfect environment, not only for your patients, but also for anyone that may be accompanying your patients, your staff and of course you. This is where appointing an experienced healthcare interior design firm is invaluable.


We talk about comfort a lot in our blogs simply because it is so important in any medical environment and needs to be taken into very careful consideration.


As a healthcare interior design firm it is our job to make sure your clinic, which can be quite a stressful environment for some, is set up in order to make your patients and staff members feel as relaxed as possible from the moment they arrive.


Envisage happy staff working seamlessly due to good layout and relaxed patients made to feel this way from the moment they walk in your front door thanks to a warm and inviting welcome. It may not be obvious but design plays a huge part in this.

here are our 5 concepts that are a must-do in any medical centre design.

Design for Comfort

Comfortable seating to suit different bodies and age groups as well as accessible amenities are just a given in any medical centre design.

Some people may not like asking where toilets are, or for a drink of water while they wait so by having these things easily accessible with the use of clear signage to amenities and refresh stations (filtered water) in the waiting area you are creating one less stress during their visit.


Safety is also a form of comfort for staff members. Utilise your healthcare interior design firm’s knowledge when it comes to smart layouts. Something as simple as  having the public amenities within view of reception may not seem like a big deal but can make a big impact on staff. Not only can they see who is coming and going (without having to worry about patients wandering out of site and possibly into rooms they shouldn’t be in), if patients can see where the amenities are clearly it is one less question they have to ask.

Design for your Staff

In order for staff to work seamlessly (well as seamlessly as possible in a busy medical environment) it is essential you have their work areas set up properly.


We encourage all clients who are setting up a new medical clinic to involve their staff members when it comes to the layout and design of certain areas. Although you may think the printer looks better in a certain spot of the reception desk it could be totally unworkable for someone trying to help numerous people during busy times.


Take the time to show staff your proposed plans and ask for input. Of course it is impossible to keep everyone happy and there will most likely be someone that doesn’t like the colour of the chairs being used in the kitchen but for layout purposes it can not only make a huge difference but also shows your staff you are willing to listen to what it is they need in order to make their job easier.

Design for Compliance

DDA compliance (Disability Discrimination Act) ensures equal access and opportunity within your clinic for anyone with a disability and should be an imperative part of any healthcare interior design brief.


Not only do you need to ensure you are designing for easy access and movement for patients but also for staff members. Access for the disabled should not stop anyone from doing a job they are completely capable of doing and therefore with the addition of ramps, disabled amenities and lift access where required you are ensuring access and inclusion for everyone.

Design for the Environment

Going green isn’t anything new in the medical or commercial construction world but it doesn’t mean it isn’t still essential.


There are plenty of ways you can build green, such as using insulation and utilising natural light in order to cut down on electricity and selecting environmentally sustainable fabrics and flooring (there are a range of amazing suppliers out there doing incredible things for the environment) just to name a few.


Another option when it comes to designing your new medical clinic from scratch is using Passive House Design. You can find all the information you need in our previous blog ‘Have you Heard of Passive House Design?’ ( or by calling us to speak to our in-house passive house specialist Kostas Stefanidis.

Design for Tomorrow

These days it seems like technology is constantly changing so it important to set your space up with the ability to accommodate any changes you might encounter in the future.

Whether it is administration software or treatment room  equipment it is a smart move to be ready.

This can be done through electrical works, joinery and even creating additional storage spaces that can easily be converted into consultation rooms down the track if space permits.


Of course there are more than 5 concepts when it comes to good medical centre design but these are a fantastic starting point and great way to start the conversation with your design and construct company to ensure you are on track to get the perfect practice for you, your staff and patients.