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Design and Construction of Murrumbeena Dermatology Clinic


In this case study, we will explore the design and construction process of a state-of-the-art dermatology clinic, emphasizing the challenges, strategies, and outcomes involved in creating a specialized healthcare facility. The project was initiated to meet the increasing demand for dermatological services in a growing area, with a focus on patient comfort, efficiency, and the latest medical technologies.

Project Overview

Project Objectives

The primary objectives of the Murrumbeena Dermatology Clinic project were as follows:

Planning and Design

Our Clinic by Design team of architects, healthcare designers and project managers collaborated to conceptualize and design the Murrumbeena Dermatology Clinic. The design process involved:

Regulatory Compliance

The project team ensured compliance with healthcare regulations and standards, including those related to patient privacy, medical waste disposal, and infection control. Regular inspections and consultations with regulatory authorities were conducted to confirm adherence to guidelines.


The construction phase was carefully managed to meet quality and timeline objectives:

Project Completion

The Murrumbeena Dermatology Clinic was completed on time and within budget. Key outcomes and achievements include:


The successful design and construction of the Murrumbeena Dermatology Clinic stands as a prime example of how careful planning, innovative design, and rigorous project management can result in a state-of-the-art healthcare facility. It serves as a testament to the commitment of the Southern Dermatology Group to provide top-tier dermatological services to their community, while setting a high standard for future healthcare facility projects.