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Dental Surgery Designs

The success of a dental practice can be attributed to many things. Sometimes it’s the location, the dentist reputation, the tenure of existence or the educated ideas behind the dental surgery designs.

As dental practices slowly move away from the ‘converted residential house’ look, to a sleek renovated house with a new façade or even a complete practice re-build, the dental surgery designs is the new ‘hero’ in dental practice success.

Why does dental interior design matter?

A superior dental practice design will align both patient comfort and the functionality of the workspace for dentist and their staff.


The waiting room must capture a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere to help patients relax. A calm place creating a subtle mood using intelligent lighting, colour palette and sensory imagination.


The reception area needs to be a fully functional workspace. Requiring private and secure areas with well laid out desk areas for ease of access to all storage, printing and IT.

Things to consider when planning your dental surgery ideas

1. Using a specialist dental construction company to partner with is highly recommended.

Ensure your specialist can bring your dental surgery designs to life. Ensure you can work closely with the design team – ensure they understand your dream before the design phase.


Knowledge about OH&S, medical regulations, functional workspaces and building codes is critical. Ask if the dental specialist has an unlimited commercial builders license. A builders’ license certainly builds credibility for the specialist.

2. Designers that will listen to your needs and dreams

Ensure the designers are qualified. Ensure they understand the needs for a functional dental practice. The limited tight spaces require immaculate planning and design. Take the time to visit their previous jobs. This step is critical in understanding their workmanship and what they can deliver. Ensure the designers will support your ideas and offer new ideas to consider. In short – can they bring your dream practice to life?

3. Ensure on-site staff are qualified

Are the on-site staff are accountable? Are they employees or are they contractors? Can they Fitout a practice with limited disruption to live practices. Are they respectful and diligent in their work? From years of experience it’s the attention to detail that makes the finished product the best in the market.

4. Use of up-to date technology

When refurbishing or constructing a practice, it’s a perfect time to consider the technology you employ. Patients will feel confident if dentist are using the most up to date technology and dental furniture. Consider touch screens, ergonomic chairs, in chair portable x-ray machines and much more. Does your designer follow the market closely and invite sales representatives to their office to display all the latest ideas? Do they keep an eye on overseas markets as they are usually a little more advanced? Germany is renowned for its dental technology leadership.


All in all, dental surgery designs is now more important than ever as dentistry is increasingly becoming a competitive field. A great dental design will help separate your practice from the rest. It is certainly worth investing in an experienced and reputable dental design and construction specialist.


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