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Customised Consultations

Consultation rooms come part and parcel with any new medical or dental fit out. These rooms give doctors and dentists a comfortable space to discuss treatment options with existing and new patients.

With this in mind we are always on the look out for functional ways to present these rooms and one of the main factors to be considered is making sure there are surfaces that can be written on or have images and reading material pinned to.

Two fantastic options to consider are

Dry Erase Wall – This is a type of clear whiteboard paint that can be applied to any wall, enabling you to write straight over it with whiteboard markers.


This product means you have complete control over how your walls look and how much space is used (or not used) at any one time. And once you have finished your presentation and cleaned your notes off you are left with a plain wall once again.


Another option we put forward to many clients especially in the medical industry is acoustic panelling.


Acoustic panelling comes in a range of thicknesses, colours and patterns in order to suit your look or branding and not only do you get the acoustic properties from the board which is important when it comes to sensitive conversations, but you also get a pin-able surface that can be used for presenting images or medical documentation when needed.