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Contamination Concerns


When visiting a clinical environment the last thing you expect is to work into a place that isn’t clean. Health and safety go hand in hand within the medical industry and your clinic should reflect this from the moment patients walk through the door.

A few things to consider when developing your new clinic are:

Separate Clean from Dirty. Design areas for dirty instruments well away from areas where clean items are kept to avoid confusion thus preventing any chance of cross contamination.

Easy Cleaning. Be sure the finishes specified for you are easy to be cleaned. This includes and joinery finishes, flooring, wall coverings and upholstery.

Don’t Slip. Be sure when selecting flooring for wet areas it is to clinical standard. Slip resistance is imperative in areas where things are being cleaned or spills may occur.

Clean Practices = A Clean Practice. Simple things such as de-cluttering, hygiene management and proper handling of hazardous materials can make a huge difference not only for your business but also for your staff and patients by creating a safe environment for everyone.