Clinic By Design

Choosing The Right Plant

Indoor plants can be a great benefit to any medical, dental or veterinary clinic.

Not only do they help to purify the air but there is just something nice about having living plants close by, especially for staff members who can be spending upwards of 8 hours in the same spot 5 days (or more!) a week.

So you will be pleased to know that there are many ranges of plants that do particularly well inside.

The following lists the top 5 desk plants which can also be used in planter boxes and on top of units and the 5 top floor plants which are obviously larger in scale so great for waiting rooms, hallways or consultation rooms. (Better still, these plants have been chosen specifically for Australia)

Desk Plants –

•Bromeliads, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They enjoy warmth and humidity but also require good air movement. Frequency of watering depends on the office climate and require extra attention in hot conditions.

•Peace Lily, with their glossy foliage and frequent blooms. They require humidity in order to keep their leaves from going brown and to keep them in top condition keep them away from direct sunlight as they prefer lower levels of light.

•Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, an almost architectural looking plant with its stiff upright leaves that can grow to 2m tall! It is able to withstand most conditions and therefore is a very popular indoor plant for those with little time. Treated right the mother-in-laws tongue can last for years.

•Walking Iris, these attractive, yet hardy plants have sword like leaves that can grow up to 60cm long. They flower delicate, fragrant orchid like flowers but require plenty of moisture to keep their stunning appearance.


•Mixed Garden, multi-grouped plants that are designed for desk tops and reception areas where the light is usually medium to high. A cork mat or tape is imperative in order to protect desktops from any water damage.

Floor Plants –

•Madagascar Dragon Tree, this attractive plant has green and pink leaves and a tall snake like trunk which can grow up to 3m tall. They are at their best in a well lit environment which maximises leaf colouring.

•Zanzibar Gem, these can grow in dry, shaded areas, can tolerate an amazing amount of neglect and are virtually impossible to kill making them ideal for the busy worker. They need less watering during winter and their leaves can be kept clean with a wipe of a clean cloth.

•Yucca, with their long woody stems and large scrappy leaves these plants add architectural flare to any space. They prefer high levels of light but can tolerate neglect rather well.

•Janet Craig, These tall plants have dark green, glossy leaves and a tolerance to lower light conditions. Ideal for popping in an office corner away from walkways where they could get damaged by passing traffic.

•Fiddle-leaf Fig, this hardy tropical looking plant has long stems and large glossy leaves and are proving to be one of the trendiest indoor plants to have. Depending on the amount of light they receive depends on how much water they require. Plenty of light is recommended for these plants as low light can cause the plant to stretch.

So which plant will you choose?