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NGV Triennial

Has anyone else had the chance to check out this incredible exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria yet?

If not, don’t despair it is running until the 18th April

NGV Triennial 2020 Explores Some of the Most Globally Relevant & Pressing Issues of Our Time.

Mattonelle Margherita Tile Collection

Well to say things have been a little crazy around here lately would be an understatement but we finally have had some time to check out all things beautiful via Yellowtrace.

The Mattonelle Margherita tile collection by Nathalie Du Pasquier for Mutina is truely stunning!

Check it out here:

Mattonelle Margherita tile collection by Nathalie Du Pasquier for Mutina.

We Are Open!

With all the confusion surrounding the new Stage 4 restrictions within construction in metropolitan Melbourne we would like to reassure you that Clinics by Design are still open.


Although it is not completely business as usual and we will be working at a much slower pace on our building sites for the 6 week duration, in order to stay within the government guidelines, we are still available to have a chat about any upcoming works you may have in mind and our estimation team are on hand for quoting.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Business As Usual

During these uncertain and somewhat scary times the team at Clinics By Design would like to take the opportunity to reach out and let our loyal clients, current and potential, know that for us it is still business as usual.


We are taking the Covid-19 situation very seriously and have implemented new procedures on all our sites in order to keep our staff and sub-contractors safe.


Staff who are able to work remotely are and we are keeping the amount of staff in our office to a minimum, thus insuring our daily tasks can run as normal.


All meetings will now be conducted through Zoom or phone conference so rest assured we are still here for you should you like to discuss any upcoming works.


We would like to wish everyone all the best in the coming weeks, we are all in this together!

A New Face for Timber

This timber terrazzo is absolutely stunning wouldn’t you agree?

See the full article here……..

Article by Yellowtrace

Timber ‘Terrazzo’ Made from Recycled Materials by Foresso.

Everybody Needs a Role Model

Good customer service is key in any business but especially within a medical environment in which the captive audience can be a little more anxious than they normally would be.


You have worked so hard to build your practice up to what it is today so in a way it is your responsibility to make sure the staff you choose to have work for you understand your values and morals therefore becoming almost your ambassador for excellent customer service.

So what can you do to encourage others to care about your practice as much as you do?

Care about them!

Treat people the way you want to be treated. It’s no secret that if you treat people with respect that respect will be reciprocated and when we all respect each other, ta-da! Happy workplace.


Now I’m not saying its going to be sunshine and lollipops all day every day but if you make a conscious effort to treat your staff well they are much more likely to want to work harder for you.


It is so important to make sure you aren’t spending your days barking brief orders over someones desk and expecting them to deliver exactly what you want. Be clear in your expectations and give reasons for everything you want done so everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

Set up team meetings.

Give your staff the time of day and make them feel heard when they want to voice their options. These can be short and sharp, so as to not tie anyone up unnecessarily, but you would be surprised at how effective even half an hour can be.


These meetings are also a great platform to give feedback to your staff members. If there are any issues within the practice now is the time to address them in order to give everyone the opportunity to bring their ideas to the table on how things could be improved.

Be positive.

There is a fine line between constructive criticism and feeling like you are being ganged up on. Make sure these ‘feedback sessions’ don’t turn into a witch hunt. It is up to you to seperate the issues that are worth being brought up in a team environment and those that are better handled on a one to one basis. Your staff care about how to make the filing system more efficient, not that Jackie is forever putting an empty milk carton back in the fridge.


Give staff members jobs that show you trust them. You never know who is going to excel at something until they are given a shot!


It’s up to you to make a positive impact on your staff and the form the culture of your practice. Everyone needs a role model, even adults!


Our Beautiful Country

As everyone currently living in Australia would know, the start of 2020 was not brought in with the usual celebrations we all know and love. The disastrous bushfires that have been (and still are) ripping through our beautiful country have certainly given the beginning of this year a somber atmosphere.

These beautiful images were captured by German Photographer Daniel Muller.

Article by Yellowtrace

Australia Through the Lens of German Photographer Daniel Müller.

The Importance of Listening

Sometimes it can be easy to forget who it is that makes your business successful. Who are the cogs in the wheel that bring patients in and keep them coming back? Who helps to create the work atmosphere you love coming into every day? and most importantly, who brings in the cake when its someones birthday??


Sure your patients are critical in supporting your company but the real heroes are your staff members.


Whether it is Jenny in accounts making sure invoices are sent and bills are paid, Jake in marketing getting your brand out there for potential patients to see or Sally on reception greeting everyone, no matter who it is, with a smile. These are the people that make your company shine.


So in turn how can you make sure your staff feel appreciated?


Taking the time to listen and acting on ideas is one of the biggest gifts we can give our staff.


We all know the old saying ‘there are no bad ideas’ and if you stick by this you will find staff are a lot more forthcoming with things they may have been thinking about for a long time but never thought to voice.


By listening without judgement, no matter what the idea is, you are creating a comfortable environment for everyone to give feedback and feel their opinion is important.


Make time to speak with staff members. Whether this is a half hour team meeting once a week or even once a month, this shows that you are putting your time aside just for them and it gives them the chance to think of anything they would like to bring to the table.


Be available! It is all well and good to set a staff meeting in your diary but if you aren’t committed to sticking to it and regularly double book yourself you are showing your staff that you only have time for them when it is convenient to you which in turn can have the opposite effect of what we are trying to achieve.


Finally, where possible do what you say you are going to do. If a staff member has a great idea, act on it. Bringing someones idea to fruition will motivate them to come up with more and more ideas.


Think of your office as your clubroom and your staff as your teammates. If you all work together only great things can come of it! As they say, two heads are better than one so image what can be achieved if we can all put our heads together!

Light It Up

Light is something we all take for granted. 


We come into the office, we flick a switch and low and behold, we have light!


What a lot of us don’t realise though is the benefit different sources of light can have on our physical and mental health.

There are two different types of light source, artificial and natural.

Artificial lighting is what we are used to within a medical or commercial setting and LED (light emitting diode) lighting is preferred. Not only is it energy efficient which means lower costs it is also known to have a number of health benefits.


They can increase mood and energy levels due to blue wavelengths which slow the production of melatonin in the brain, the hormone that helps us sleep


They are eco-friendly, because on average they last 35 times longer than the old halogen lightbulb this cuts down on material and production. Not only this but they do not contain the same toxic compounds or elements like mercury


They are hugely energy-efficient, they have 80-90% efficiency, meaning 80-90% of their energy is turned into light as opposed to heat

They are tough! LED lights are made from sturdy components and materials and therefore can withstand weather and abrasion

Natural light is of course the preference where possible and is becoming more and more  popular within medical design


These days patients want to feel comfortable while they are waiting for their appointment and what better way than to utilise natural light in order to make the space seem airy and bright


By utilising existing windows or installing new ones you are introducing a whole other set of health benefits to your patients and staff

Natural light is comforting, by bringing the feeling of the outdoors in you will find patients are less stressed 


It saves money. By limiting the use of artificial light where possible you will cut down on your energy bills


It boosts Vitamin D, which is always a good thing! Vitamin D maintains the health of bones and teeth, supports the immune system, brain, nervous system and lungs and regulates the body’s insulin levels which is beneficial to those suffering from diabetes. What’s not to love!


As you can see lighting has more benefits than you think so make sure you take the time to do your research before selecting lighting/ finalising plans for your new clinic.

Holiday House in Mexico

We don’t know whether it is the reflection of the forest or the way the outdoors have well and truely been brought indoors there is no doubt this holiday house in Mexico is absolutely stunning……..and we want to go there!

Check out the link below for an inside look…

Holiday House in Monterrey, Mexico by Tatiana Bilbao.