Your Medical Centre Fitout Specialists

At Clinics by Design we pride ourselves on being medical Fitout specialists.

With a knowledgable team of builders, designers and sub contractors behind us we have not only the confidence but also the experience to bring your vision to life and look forward to being your concept to completion medical Fitout solution.

So what is it you would like to do?

Refurbish an existing area in your clinic?

Take on a complete de-fit and re-fit or are you looking for a piece of land to build on?

No matter what your project entails the best thing to do before you start making any set in stone plans is to talk to us.

With a strong background in medical fit outs whether you have, or are looking to build, a general practice, dental, veterinary or specialist clinic we can help in a variety of ways in order to make your project run as smoothly as possible from beginning to completion.

Tenancy Finder is one of the services we offer in which we will help you find the perfect site if you are looking to move into something brand new.

Although we do charge a small fee for this service we can not emphasise enough just how important it is to have someone with prior building knowledge take a look at any tenancy before signing any paperwork.

Things that may not be obvious to you or seem like a big deal could cause major problems in the long term. Our specialists know what to look for when it comes to services (one of your biggest costs) and will be sure to check out all the major areas from existing mechanical (air conditioning) to electrical and everything in between to ensure everything is in working order and nothing needs to be replaced to meet regulations.

If it is an existing clinic you are looking to upgrade the same checks still apply. To what degree is totally dependant on the age of the building. Things such as body protection have not always been a requirement and therefore if you are working in an older building the electrical services may need to be upgraded as part of your new medical Fitout.

If you have made the decision to build a brand new clinic from the ground up we can also be of service when looking for the right piece of land. There are certain things such as zoning and council regulations that we are very familiar with and can help you navigate what can be quite a confusing and in depth process.

Although running things yourself may seem like a cost effective thing to do you can not put a price on the knowledge a well established medical Fitout company can bring to your project.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming works and discover for yourself why we are the medical Fitout specialists.